My Goodness

I can’t say that I am surprised by the level of aggravation and acrimony in the comments of my “Letting the Chips Fall” post. I certainly promised more than I delivered. You should have seen the first six drafts. They were much better.For the few cheery souls remaining, I appreciate that you got the point — it’s exactly what Will Folks has been doing, but doing in a ridiculous third person narrative. The emails and phone calls from people in the media wanting to know when exactly I was going to do the big reveal on this were more than a little illuminating.To the rest of you, I apologize for clearly rubbing you the wrong way on this one. I thought it was necessary to make a few points.First, getting some additional facts out into this conversation that no one else either had or was putting forward including that Will Folks has been trying to push this out for a year and that the Haley team knew about it. Also, that the Bauer camp had been using it for a while to try to keep people from supporting Nikki. Given all the connections there, I do think the Bauer campaign coordinated this.Second, and most importantly, I think it is necessary to push this conversation beyond what did and did not happen to who, if anybody, is getting Will Folks to try to ruin Nikki Haley. And the intended audience of the post has gotten the hint. I think we’ll be seeing some enterprising journalists start asking questions along those lines.So, as we head into the weekend, my apologies for building up your expectations, but not my regrets. It’s necessary to start pushing this story in the direction it needs to go, which is motivation and other interested parties.Feel free to use this as a thread to beat me up as best you like. Maybe you’ll find it cathartic. As for me, I’m going to go see Robin Hood and maybe Iron Man 2 too.



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