I Guess Deval Patrick Is Worried About Me

Speaking at a law school forum, Deval Patrick, the Governor of Massachusetts, said, “”on my worst day, when I’m most frustrated about folks who seem to rooting for failure.”


I sure as heck am rooting for Barack Obama’s failure.

Look at this place. Under Obama’s regime the SEIU purple people beaters are showing up on the porches of private citizens to harass them, oil is pouring out of the Gulf of Mexico and Obama’s EPA wants BP to stop using chemicals to fight the slick while Obama golfs, unemployment remains at 10% and Obama’s solution is to throw money at the problem, our nation’s enemies are emboldened by Obama’s lack of fortitude, terrorists are rattling the cages looking for weaknesses, the deficit is going up, small businesses are shutting down, job creators are being bullied in ways Obama would never bully Iran or North Korea, and the list goes on and on and on.

I sure as heck want Barack Obama to fail because otherwise the nation is going to fail.

But to Deval Patrick’s larger point, that people like me are engaging in sedition, the Democrats for eight years said dissent was patriotic. Now they don’t believe that. The Democrats, after eight years of working to undermine George Bush and weaken us, are incapable of separating acts of political rebellion at the ballot box from acts of physical rebellions against the state.


Unlike Louis XIV, Barack Obama is not the state. And it is no one’s goal to physically rebel against either Obama or the government. But it is certainly my goal to beat the mess out of him at the ballot box.

If we’re going to go rounding up people for sedition, let’s start with the left and its eight years of Bush = Hitler comparisons. After all, it is not tea party activists showing up on Bank of America executives’ doorsteps.


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