On Chuck DeVore and Polling

Much is being made by this comment I made on CNN tonight.I stand by it.But don’t let it distract you from the fact that I also stand by Chuck DeVore.What I said and what I meant is that the election is four weeks away in California. In two more weeks I’ll check again and see what the polling shows. I believe Tom Campbell would be a terrible nominee. His closeness with disreputable people who’d be happy to see us all dead is too much for me.So if Chuck DeVore is not viable, then I’m with Carly Fiorina.But unlike many, I think Chuck DeVore is viable and has a pulse, which is why I’m not abandoning Chuck. In fact, the only one in the race flatlining right now is Carly Fiorina.Consider Marlin Stutzman — two weeks before his election he was at 8% in the polls. A week before the election he was at 18%. He actually got 30%. It can happen.What I see in the California polling is Carly Fiorina sinking and Chuck DeVore rising. And what I’ve seen all along is that Chuck continues inching up and Carly continues dropping.So here we arrive at the moment where we need some intellectual consistency: I’ve said all along conservatives cannot split their vote and see a bad candidate get elected. I’m practicing what I’m preaching in this reassessment.But can others say the same? If Carly keeps dropping and Chuck keeps going up, in two weeks will people get off the Carly bandwagon and jump to Chuck? They sure as heck better.



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