The Arrogance and Ignorance of Bob Bennett

Bob Bennett has a new ad out in Utah that is the epitome of just how out of touch the man has gotten, replacing the common touch with arrogance.The advertisement has several recipients of Bob Bennett earmarks saying Bob Bennett is the indispensable man and without Bob Bennett the water would go away, the animals and people would die, and Utah would return to the state of nature that existed before man walked the Earth — or at least before Bob Bennett went to the Senate to replace his dad.Seriously. Watch it for yourself and then I’ll point out the great lie in the ad.

The great lie?Bob Bennett actually opposed legislation to keep the federal government from taking more land in Utah. In fact, Bennett voted against a Coburn amendment that required local approval for land grabs. Then the feds grabbed some land in Utah. Now Bob Bennett is sponsoring a bill to require local approval for the Utah land grab. Why did he vote against the Coburn amendment instead of waiting for the land to be grabbed?Another lie?Bob Bennett touts his support for NASA in Utah, but skipped a key vote on a NASA nomination that will directly impact those jobs. He didn’t even put up a fight.Bob Bennett is out of touch with Utah and reality.



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