Coats Wins. Marlin Stutzman Becomes a Conservative Rock Star

As most all of us, including me, predicted, Dan Coats did win the Indiana primary tonight.But it is worth noting a couple of things:1. Coats was held to about 40% of the vote. 60% voted against him.2. The man in second place who got pretty doggone close was Marlin Stutzman, the man everyone said would come in third.3. Stutzman won a few major counties in Indiana.This puts Coats in the general election. Congratulations to him. It makes Marlin Stutzman a conservative rockstar. He took on the establishment and nearly won.If Dick Lugar retires, Stutzman will go in the front runner.So, to recap, we’ve beaten the establishment in Pennsylvania and Florida and held them at 40% in Indiana. We may not have won tonight, but we showed strong.On to Utah next week, then to Kentucky, and then to California, Nevada, and Colorado. UPDATE: Check this out from John Cornyn: In a statement from the NRSC he says, “Unlike the Democrat party bosses who plan to hand-pick their nominee this month without an open primary election, Republicans in Indiana have participated in a spirited, open, and inclusive primary contest over the last several months.”



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