Mark Levin and Jim Manzi

I have no clue who Jim Manzi is and after today I hope to go back to having no clue who he is.

As Hogan noted this morning, the guy apparently went to National Review Online and attacked National Review’s most successful author, Mark Levin.


Now Mark does not need me or anyone else to defend him from the cocktail conservative brigade of the Trig Palin School of Investigative Journalism1, but we all should. He did fine work in his book and it is disappointing to see National Review allow such a hit on their site — particularly when so many who post there have in the past had to get someone to sign off on their posts.

It makes you wonder who was asleep at the switch or, if there was no one asleep at the switch, who let it happen.

In any event, I don’t need to defend Mark though I choose to. But Mark has defended himself whereby defending himself means gutting, dicing, and mincing up this Manzi guy.

  1. There are a few liberals out there accusing me of attacking Trig Palin. These same liberals love Andrew Sullivan. That is the relevant point. All the people attacking guys like Mark Levin and me seem to think Andrew Sullivan is a wonderful, decent, and fine individual. They ignore that for over a year the man has been a one trick pony in his investigation and reporting on the real identity of Trig Palin’s mother — a disgusting stunt that he continues to this day.


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