Still Need Some Help

It may come as a surprise to many of you, but RedState writers do not get paid. Well, I do, and I forever remain guilty that I’m the guy getting the check living off the fine writing of others in this community. Unlike many blogs, we also don’t have a regular PayPal tip jar or reader pledge drives.


We do help out where we can and hopefully one day will be able to pay more of our contributors.

Right now though, one of our own has an immediate need and while he may prefer we say nothing, considering he’s not on the internet today, the rest of us will say something.

Caleb Howe is one of the valuable members of our community who does tremendously good work. As you know, Caleb has put many hours of time and effort into RedState and broken major stories you’ve probably read here. If he was a left-winger, he’d be one of scores of full-timers bankrolled by George Soros and left-wing interest groups, and wouldn’t have to worry about making a living. And right now he could use some help. The Obama economy has done him and his family no favors and he has been without a job for some time. With bills to pay, including a mortgage, kids to feed, and an internet connection that has to be paid for, its tough.

Here’s the paypal link to Caleb’s account. I’m sure he’d be all Caleb-ish about us saying anything, but dammit we need him in the fight.

We help politicians all the time. Let’s help one of our own today.


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