Trump Silences Overzealous NBC Hack During Press Conference: 'Wait a minute. Just take it nice and easy. Just relax' (Watch)

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

President Donald Trump talks about getting his temperature taken as he departs after speaking during a news conference about the coronavirus in the James Brady Briefing Room at the White House, Saturday, March 14, 2020, in Washington. The White House announced Saturday that it is now conducting temperature checks on anyone who is in close contact with Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)



President Trump made an impromptu appearance at a White House press briefing earlier today. NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell, in schoolmarm mode, took him to task for shaking hands with people yesterday among other things.

Kelly O’Donnell:  You’re sending mixed messages. When watching you, you shook hands with people yesterday. You have talked about five million tests being available. We probably won’t need that many. Has your own sense of urgency evolved?  And are you changing what you’re doing?

President Trump: No, I’ve been urgent.  This is urgent for me frankly right from the beginning. You know that because I closed off our country to China.

O’Donnell: But why are you changing hands, sir?

President Trump: Because it almost becomes a habit… And…

O’Donnell: But, you…

President Trump: Wait a minute.  Wait a minute. Just take it nice and easy.  Just relax.

The commentary from the left afterward focused on the “USA” baseball cap the President was wearing.

Jesus Chr**t on a pogo stick, can Trump at least stop wearing his stupid f***ing baseball caps. It makes him look almost as stupid as he is.

You know why you rarely seen a grown ass man wearing a $1.99 trucker hat made in China? Because you look like a god damned moron wearing one. This man is too stupid to realize this.

I worry more about that substantial portion of the American public who, upon seeing him, actually take comfort from it.


If he hadn’t been wearing a baseball cap, they would have been talking about his hair. He will never win with this crowd.

We’re in the middle of national emergency, the President voluntarily joins the briefing and the press acts like a pack of wolves.

They are condescending, disrespectful, and they all lack even a modicum of self-awareness.

If only we could hold up mirrors so they could see themselves.


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