What Would Explain Mayor Pete's Appeal to Voters? Dan Bongino Nails it


Gaining strength from his surprisingly strong finish in Iowa, Pete Buttigieg is now breathing down Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) neck in New Hampshire. The distance between the two has narrowed significantly in the last week with one poll actually showing the former mayor of South Bend, IN, in the lead.


Frankly, I find it unfathomable that any voter would consider two terms as a small city mayor sufficient experience for the U.S. presidency, but then again, I once thought the same thing about a certain community organizer from Chicago.

Obama began running for the presidency shortly after he was elected to the Senate, but at least he had some experience in the U.S. government. Buttigieg has never held office at the federal level. Why would any American feel that this 38-year-old former mayor is qualified to run the country?

During a Saturday appearance on “Fox and Friends,” Fox News contributor and investigator Dan Bongino explains precisely what accounts for Buttigieg’s appeal to his supporters.

“Pete Buttigieg has a near magical ability to never answer a question. His bullsh***ing skills are second to none in the Dem field. No one bulls***s like Pete, no one.”

When asked a question Buttigieg does not want to answer, Bongino notes that he will often speak for four or five minutes without providing an actual answer. But, his mastery of the art of bull***ing, his eloquent and near-perfect delivery leaves people in awe.


Mayor Pete is almost impossibly smooth. He’s young. He’s hip. He’s gay. He sounds like “he’s got this” and he says whatever he says with such conviction that people believe him.

Moreover, he graduated from Harvard College and Oxford University, attending the latter on a Rhodes Scholarship.

He is also very deliberate and disciplined in his responses to avoid being trapped.

However, as he rises to the top of the 2020 field and faces a higher degree of scrutiny, his inexperience, will become clearer to voters. As we witnessed during Friday’s New Hampshire debate, his rivals, who understand that many of his answers are pure BS, have begun calling him out. They also realize that he has a serious chance of winning the nomination and their claws have come out. They need to start exposing how “green” he really is.

In a recent New York Times survey taken by all of the 2020 candidates, he failed to answer half of the questions. It consisted of “36 questions on 11 foreign policy topics.”

The Free Beacon reports:

The former mayor did not answer a single question on China, U.S. cyber policy, NATO, or Afghanistan…Buttigieg refused to say whether he supports current levels of military aid to Israel or keeping troops in Afghanistan. Here are a several of the 19 he left blank.

  • “Should respect for Hong Kong’s political independence, under the terms of the handover agreement with Britain, be a prerequisite for normal relations and trade with China?”
  • “Should normal relations and trade be contingent on China’s closing its internment camps for Uighurs and other Muslim minority groups?”
  • “Should the United States maintain its current level of military aid to Israel? If not, how should the level of aid change?”
  • “Would American troops be in Afghanistan at the end of your first term? If so, would you limit those troops’ mission to counterterrorism and intelligence gathering?”

Buttigieg has now reached the point in the primary where his BS will no longer win the day. His vague, rambling, metaphor-filled non-answers will no longer satisfy voters who are trying to make an informed decision about which candidate they will support. They’re looking for some substance. Can he provide it?


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