Trump Trolls Congress With New Warning; If Iran Strikes a U.S. Person or Target, He Will Hit Back 'Perhaps in a Disproportionate Manner'


President Trump has just sent the left into overdrive over two issues with one tweet.


Needless to say, liberals are triggered. You might even say their heads are exploding. They’re accusing him of declaring war by twitter. Some are saying he is using this as a diversion from his impeachment. He’s been repeatedly called a “lawless president” and a “war criminal.”

Trump’s message is not a declaration of war. He is notifying Iran, whose provocative actions brought us to where we are today, that if they commit another hostile act against the US, he will use military force to “discourage” further hostile acts in the future. And by the way, his response may be more severe than theirs. It should be.

The President is trolling the Democrats, which has become so easy to do.

He has two reasons for this. First, I think he enjoys getting a rise out of them. He once said that he thrives on their resistance.

Second, it makes them look ridiculous. The President is issuing a warning to a group of terrorists, terrorists who have been chanting, “Death to America” for forty years. Evil men who are responsible for hundreds of American deaths and thousands of foreigners’ deaths throughout the Middle East. Most liberals are far removed from the consequences of Soleimani’s handiwork. But those of us who know veterans who’ve stepped on the wrong patch of earth and had their legs blown off by an Iranian IED understand what the stakes are. When Trump told the press on Friday night that Soleimani’s reign of terror was over, he wasn’t overstating the case.


When Iranian-backed Kataib Hezbollah militiamen and their PMF supporters and sympathizers stormed the US Embassy in Baghdad last week (a U.S. Embassy is considered to be sitting on U.S. soil), they intended to kill the embassy personnel. That was a war crime. The fact that no one inside the embassy died is because President Trump immediately engaged and sent the help they needed, which was the direct opposite of President Obama’s and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s response when the American diplomatic compound and the CIA annex were under attack in Benghazi.

(Note: I just looked up some information on Benghazi and noticed that Wikipedia still perpetuates the lie told by the Obama administration in the immediate aftermath of the attacks. It says, “Initial analysis by the CIA, repeated by top government officials, indicated that the attack spontaneously arose from a protest. Subsequent investigations showed that the attack was premeditated.” Wrong: The CIA knew immediately it was a premeditated terrorist attack.)

Of course, we don’t know the precise intelligence Trump received about Soleimani’s plans, but we know he hadn’t traveled to Baghdad to see old friends.

By criticizing the President for putting the safety of Americans first, the Democrats are painting themselves into a corner that may be difficult to explain to voters.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is doing some trolling of his own. He is currently considering a resolution “commending the Trump administration for its mission to take out Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. In doing so he is daring the Senate Democrats to oppose it. It is the perfect antidote to the criticism the left has voiced since the news of Soleimani’s death was announced.”


Trump is not a hawkish President. He does not want war. He knows that failure to act when his nation is attacked will be seen as weakness and will encourage more attacks. The Iranians may have mistaken his previous restraint as weakness. After Iran had shot down an unmanned drone in June, Trump approved strikes on three targets inside the country. Fearing unintended casualties, he called off the strikes ten minutes before they were to begin.

Trump is now proving to them that he is not afraid to act. And he’s also delivering a message, loud and clear, to the King Jong Uns of the world that the US will not be bullied.



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