LGBT Activist Attacks Black Conservative on Sac State Campus, School Newspaper Calls it a Fistfight

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A student/reporter at Sacramento State University, Kaitlin Bennett, tweeted: “This deranged leftist and LGBT activist named Keaton Hill assaulted and threatened to kill @FJtheDeuce [Floyd Johnson II], a black conservative at Sacramento State. This is reportedly the 2nd time Keaton has violently attacked college Republicans at Sac State.” She included a brief video (scroll down to view) of Hill’s assault on Johnson which has gone viral on social media.


Hill, a super liberal LGBT student activist immediately resorted to violence over a disagreement with another student who happened to be conservative. In fact, he was so conservative, he had served as the president of the Sacramento State College Republicans group. And he was black. As much as liberals hate conservatives, it’s even worse for them if a conservative happens to be black.

The school’s President, Robert Nelsen, sent an email out to the Sac State community on Friday evening in which he wrote, “I am deeply disturbed and appalled to learn that there was a fistfight on campus today between students. Today’s incident in no way reflects Sacramento State’s values. Violence on our campus will not be tolerated.”

A fistfight Mr. Nelsen? Actually, an intolerant liberal LGBT activist believes he’s entitled to assault a fellow student with impunity because that person is a Republican.

Nelsen’s tone-deaf email didn’t come close to addressing the reality of the situation. In the meantime, the college’s newspaper, The State Hornet, taking their cue from Nelson, wrote about the incident as if it had been just a fistfight.

The article elicited a strong reaction from students who were familiar with what happened. Here are a few of their responses.

Someone being assaulted is not a “fistfight” you do this story a disservice by making the victim look responsible. Something tells me that you and President Nelsen wouldn’t refer to a rape as a “sexual encounter” so why marginalize this crime?

How do you label this clear assault as a “fist fight”? There’s obviously a complete ignorance of facts on the authors part or dare we say unethical “journalism” in the choice of words based on some bias due to the political involvement? I’ll refrain from making that judgement for the public, but it is clear.

The true face of the Left, directly to violence. That some mischaracterize Hill as the victim speaks to a level of intellectual dishonesty and deliberate obtuseness I had heretofore would have thought impossible for someone who passed the SAT’s. I am now disabused of that notion, but not as surprised by it that I should be. The masses of Social Justice Storm Troopers on Campus, and their divine Right of Kings approach to matters is really getting old. Hill should be charged criminally and measures should also be taken against him in the Civil Courts . . . the irony of taking an individual so lacking in civility as Hill to a Civil Court is not lost on me, but it makes a delightful juxtaposition. Hill should also be expelled. The milquetoast response from the University is sadly typical, had a Conservative student physically attacked Hill, the howls of self-righteous indignation coming from the Administration, and the usual suspects, would be deafening. What happened to “equality?” Oh wait, when you treat someone equally, they’re no longer special and can’t claim special victim status. How silly of me to forget that.


Lo and behold, the Hornet changed the title to something more appropriate. “Viral video shows attack on former Sac State College Republicans president.”

UPDATE: The original headline for this story cited the description of the event as described in Sac State President Robert Nelsen’s SacSend email. After further reporting, we have revised the headline to more accurately reflect what transpired. We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

That’s better.

Mr. Nelsen? It’s your turn.


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