It's America, Ladies - Love It Or Leave It


The “Squad,” as Democratic Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY), Ilhan Omar (MN), Rashida Tlaib (MI) and Ayanna Pressley (MA), have come to be known recently, have made their anti-American sentiments perfectly clear – repeatedly.


In a late afternoon press conference, the four reacted to Trump’s weekend tweets. They said everything you would have expected them to say. “This is a distraction, we need to impeach Trump, millions of people are dying because of his health care policies, and they love America.”

Most notably, Pressley refused to call Trump “President Trump,” instead referring to him as “the occupant of the White House.”

I came across an amusing reader comment earlier on an Ann Althouse post which said:

Obama: “If you like your doctor, you can keep him.”
Trump: “If you hate your country, you can leave it.”

It was also true. Obama lied to us, but he did so in a very polished, mindful manner.

Donald Trump may lack Obama’s style, but he’s not afraid to call it as he sees it. He’s far less guarded and deliberate than his predecessor and his delivery is often direct, rude and coarse.

Trump’s point, though he expressed it rather artlessly, is that if these women hate our country so much, they can get the hell out.

Trump’s comments were not racist. He wasn’t criticizing them because of their races, but for their actions and their toxic rhetoric. Trump has simply grown tired of their constant attacks on America.

Frankly, many Americans feel the same way if a recently leaked internal Democratic Party poll is any indication. My colleague, Bonchie, reported on this here.


The poll found:

AOC was recognized by 74% of voters in the poll; 22% had a favorable view.

Omar was recognized by 53% of the voters; 9% (not a typo) had a favorable view.

Socialism was viewed favorably by 18% of the voters and unfavorably by 69%.

Capitalism was 56% favorable; 32% unfavorable.

Each of these women took an oath in January swearing “to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.” Yet instead of upholding U.S. laws, specifically immigration laws, they are actively trying to violate them and encouraging others to do so.

They are entitled to introduce new legislation to change laws they disagree with, but they are not entitled to break them.

I don’t understand how CNN can call contributor Ana Navarro a Republican. Regardless, in response to Trump’s tweets, Navarro proposed sending First Lady Melania Trump, Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) back to their countries of origin.

And if we’re gonna start sending people back, I don’t know — ya know, listen, Ted Cruz was born in Canada, Marco Rubio’s parents were born in Cuba, Melania Trump was born where? Slovenia. How about her parents how are here through family immigration.

I am sick of this guy’s hypocrisy and his ways of dividing this country, pitting people against each other. And I think it is no coincidence, it is no coincidence, that the congress people he’s picking on are all women of color, they’re all women of color.


What Navarro forgets is that Melania, Cruz and Rubio love America.

As for who won this round, Republicans believe Trump came out on top. He forced Nancy Pelosi to defend the Squad she was feuding with just one week ago.

Democrats are likely saying the Squad prevailed.

Toward the end of the press conference, Trump tweeted:

The Dems were trying to distance themselves from the four “progressives,” but now they are forced to embrace them. That means they are endorsing Socialism, hate of Israel and the USA! Not good for the Democrats!

Here is one of the best responses:

In 1965, country singer Ernest Tubb recorded the song, It’s America (Love It or Leave It) The song may be even more appropriate today.


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