Have The Obamas Already Chosen Their 2020 Candidate?


Ever since Kamala Harris’ well rehearsed takedown of former Vice President Joe Biden in the first 2020 Democratic debate, her numbers have soared in the national polls. Her artful but dishonest portrayal of Biden as a racist and his clumsy defense literally doubled her support overnight.


Joe Biden has many shortcomings, but he is not a racist. Many people who have known him over the course of his long political career have spoken up in his defense. Even 2020 rival Tulsi Gabbard defended him on Monday. She tweeted, “But let’s get real…It was a false accusation that Joe Biden is a racist.”

There were two who remained conspicuously silent over the attack. And that would be former President Obama and Michelle. The Obamas, regardless of which candidate they favor, could easily have defended Biden against the accusation of racism, but chose not to. This would make sense if they happened to favor the one responsible for the disingenuous attack.

Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham made a strong case in her opening monologue on Monday night (video below) that the Obamas have quietly thrown their support behind Harris. And “Joe Biden is the only one blocking her from the nomination.” So…

First, she notes the number of Obama administration alums who are currently working for the Harris campaign including Jim Margolis, David Binder, David Huynh, Will Dubbs and Zack Davis.

Next, she points out the connections between Harris and the Obamas. Her younger sister, Maya Harris, was the former head of the Northern California chapter of the ACLU. She is married to Tony West who was a top official in former Attorney General Eric Holder’s DOJ.

Ingraham said she would “bet her bottom dollar that Team Obama is advising her and advising her to go really tough on her opponents and to be the fighter that Hillary Clinton was not.”


Recall Harris’ recent comments about Trump. “I know predators.” Harris pauses, shakes her head up and down. (Has anyone else ever noticed that, after Harris makes a point, she always does that?) “And we have a predator living in the White House.”

Didn’t Harris have a predator on her own staff until last year when she was forced to let him go?

Anyway, in order to win the nomination, Harris has to gain as much of the black vote as she can and to do so, she must peel support away from Biden. Ingraham said “black voters are a core constituency for the Democratic party and that still favors Biden.”

This might explain her proposal, presented at last weekend’s Essence Festival in New Orleans, for a $100 billion plan to boost home ownership among blacks by funding downpayments and closing costs. She believes this will reduce the wealth disparity between whites and blacks by one third. Ingraham notes that Harris had better be careful about this plan. “What about the Hispanic/white wealth gap or the Native American/white wealth gap. There are a lot of wealth gaps out there.”

Ingraham showed a clip of Biden’s comments about his segregationist colleagues. She then presented a clip of Michelle Obama speaking to talk show host and Oprah BFF, Gayle King. Ingraham said Michelle refused “to throw even a short life line to Biden and she did that for a reason.” She explains:

Remember in 2008 when candidate Obama needed Joe Biden on the ticket? He needed this to give him, Obama, some moderate blue collar cred, to make him more palatable to middle America. But that was then and this is now. We’re living in different times. Biden really isn’t needed today to be the heir to Obamaism. No. When you look across the board, Harris is a much more logical fit.


At a Myrtle Beach, S.C. town hall, she spoke to a predominantly black audience. Immediately, Harris began dropping her g’s. (Why do so many politicians do this?) She tells them the only reason anyone says the economy is great is because the stock market has been strong.

“Well, it’s fine if ya own stocks,” she says. But, Harris might be surprised at how many of them actually do own stocks directly or indirectly through pensions and 401K plans.

“They say, well, how else are you measuring the greatness of the economy? And they point to…Fox News.” The audience says it before she does. They all laugh.

Harris is smart, she is tough and she is ambitious. I personally believe she has the best chance of winning the nomination.

Ingraham sees Harris as Obama 3.0. She believes the Obamas do as well.

Let’s keep an eye on them.



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