Kellyanne Conway to Reporters: 'I Was Asked Six Times A Day, Will He Accept The Election Results? ... Will You?'


Kellyanne Conway addressed reporters on Monday.

Conway was asked if she had called on Rep. Adam Schiff to resign from Congress. She replied:

It’s my personal opinion and let me express it again in case I wasn’t clear. Many of you, and certainly many others who aren’t represented here, have allowed this person, as ranking member and now Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, just let a lie fly for two years. Literally going out, not under oath, and saying day after day, month after month, full of vim and vigor, snark and bark that there’s a mountain of evidence of collusion against the President and it may actually be bigger than Watergate. He has been able to have unfettered access to all of you, some of you let the lie fly for several years. What you’ve done to people’s lives, what you’ve done to the presidency, what you’ve done to the institutions…You’ve made a great victim of Donald Trump here (she smiles), because of the obsession with the 2016 election and the inability to “accept” the election results has placed us perilously close to the 2020 election. (big smile)


Conway then asked the press a most compelling question.

I was asked six times a day, Will he accept the election results? Will he accept the election results? (She pauses, smiles at reporters) Will you?

Will people who are there for the destruction of Donald Trump accept the election results finally?


Will they? Now that President Trump has been cleared by Robert Mueller of wrongdoing, will the left, including Democratic politicians and the mainstream media finally accept the results of 2016 presidential election?

It’s mind-boggling that Conway even has to ask the question. Will Americans accept a duly elected U.S. President?

During the final 2016 presidential debate, Trump was asked if he would accept the election results. He told moderator Chris Wallace that he would tell him at the time (of the election).

Hillary interrupted:

Let me respond to that, because that’s horrifying. Every time Donald thinks that things are not going in his direction, he claims whatever it is is rigged against him. This FBI conducted a yearlong investigation into my emails. They concluded there was no case. He said the FBI was rigged.

He lost the Iowa caucus, he lost the Wisconsin primary. He said the Republican primary was rigged against him…This is a mindset. This is how Donald thinks. And it’s funny, but it’s also really troubling.

She later told reporters that “it was horrifying what he said on the debate stage tonight. Our country has been around for 240 years, and … one of our hallmarks has always been we accept the outcome of our elections.”


Well, it turns out that the FBI’s investigation into Hillary’s emails was rigged and Obama administration officials were trying their hardest to rig a U.S. Presidential election.

It is Hillary and her supporters who have been unable to accept the results of the election. How many candidates write a book to explain why they lost?

How did America arrive at this point?

We’re here because top-level Obama administration officials tried to rig the system against President Trump and it takes a willful suspension of disbelief to think Obama had no knowledge of it. Recall the text message from then-FBI lawyer Lisa Page to then-FBI agent Peter Strzok which said “potus wants to know everything we are doing.”

Although it’s possible some moderate Democrats may be willing to accept Mueller’s conclusions and acknowledge that Trump is the legitimate President. Others will take a little longer, but will eventually come around. However, there are some who will not accept Trump as their lawful president until they are confronted with irrefutable evidence and those responsible are held accountable.

Although the Deep State’s attempt to destroy Donald Trump was obvious to most of us, Mueller’s report confirmed it. Republicans are outraged. That includes Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee who plans to question every person involved in the coup. Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) has already released the transcripts from the closed-door testimonies of Strzok, Page and DOJ official Bruce Ohr and promises there are more to come. The truth is it won’t take too many more documents to prove the case.


And I can’t imagine Trump will sit back and allow those who tried to destroy his presidency to escape with impunity.

Many never believed that Robert Mueller and his team of 17 angry Democrats would exonerate Trump.

And many thought that Attorney General Bill Barr would act in concert with the Deep State. He’s already shown that’s not true. When Mueller and several members of his team requested a meeting with Barr and told him they hoped to extend the cooperation agreement they had established with General Michael Flynn which they believed would lead to a new indictment. Barr was said to have asked them, “Do you have something ironclad that you want General Flynn to be cooperating on? Do you have something in terms of probable cause moving toward an indictment or is this just a fishing expedition?” Barr declined their request and Mueller wrapped up his case. I posted about this here.

The ship is gaining momentum and it’s too late to turn it around now.

Justice will prevail. It is already prevailing.


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