RedState's Water Cooler - March 4, 2019 - Open Thread: Howie Carr Lists the Differences Between Mainstream Media Coverage of Democrats vs. Republicans and a Media Mashup

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RedState’s Water Cooler – March 4, 2019 – Open Thread


Howie Carr Points Out the Differences Between the Mainstream Media Coverage of Democrats vs. Republicans


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Radio Show Host Howie Carr has compiled a list of differences between the way the mainstream media covers Democrats vs. Republicans. It would be amusing if it weren’t so sad.

1. Republicans have “fixers” while Democrats have lawyers.

2. To prevent the release of embarrassing information, Democrats’ lawyers negotiate NDA’s — nondisclosure agreements. Republican fixers’ NDAs are “hush money,” or “bribes.”

3. Hillary Clinton’s dossier, the basis for the FBI’s application to the FISA Court for a warrant to spy on an American citizen was “opposition research.” When Republicans engage in opposition research, it is called “collusion.”

4.  Republicans “lie,” while Democrats “misspeak.”

5.  Democrats plan, Republicans scheme.

6.  Republicans hire lobbyists, Democrats use advocates. Republicans employ operatives or hired guns, Democrats prefer community activists.

7.  If a Democrat changes his or her position on an issue, they have evolved … grown. Republicans “flip-flop.”

8.  Any Republican involved in wrongdoing is immediately identified as such. If the perpetrator is a Democrat, however, that information comes after the third paragraph.

9.  All Democrats believed Christine Blasey Ford’s uncorroborated accusations against now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Vanessa Tyson, who has a far more credible story about being sexually assaulted by Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of Virginia, not so much.

10. Was Jussie Smollett’s fake hate crime ever referred to as “alleged?” Of course not. But all the real, documented, videotaped attacks on conservatives — invariably they are alleged, or “according to police reports.”


11.  A Republican tax cut is a “corporate giveaway” for the rich, a boon to “one percenters” that the government “can’t afford.” A Democrat-proposed tax increase, though, is an “investment in the future.” It’s for the children.

12.  When there’s bad news about Republicans, Democrats “react.” But Republicans “pounce” or “seize.”

13.  Let’s talk about legislation. When a Democrat solon finds a way to stop some GOP initiative, it’s because the brilliant parliamentarian (Nancy Pelosi?) has come up with a master stroke.

But when a Republican, say Mitch McConnell, does exactly the same thing, he is invariably called an obstructionist, relying on “arcane” tricks to produce “gridlock” and overturn centuries of “Congressional tradition.”

14.  When Democrats in Congress hold oversight hearings, they are never less than “historic” “explosive,” full of “bombshells.” The Cohen hearings were so explosive, in fact, that I was expecting to see footage Wednesday night of the Capitol in smoking ruins. Republican-run Congressional hearings are always described as grandstanding, sideshows, overreach and a total waste of taxpayer money.

15.  Finally, the word of the day is “smirk.” Remember January’s first big fake-news hoax — the Covington Catholic high school students at the Lincoln Memorial. The kid in the Make America Great Again hat that day was Nicholas Sandmann, and he’s now suing the Washington Post for $250 million. Every Social Justice Warrior on Twitter said the 16-year-old had it coming because of the “smirk” on his face. That was the smart word of the day — smirk.


So last week the illegal immigrant from Brazil who assaulted — allegedly — the 23-year-old MAGA-hat- wearing American in the bar in Falmouth was grabbed by ICE for being in the country illegally for 25 years. She got a big-time lawyer and he said, basically, that after getting boozed up, the illegal immigrant went all Third World on the American taxpayer because of his “smirk.”

So now apparently it’s OK to assault anyone wearing a MAGA hat … if they’re “smirking.”


Media Mashup: “Bombshell”



Quote of the Day:

The Wall Street Journal’s Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., a Never-Trumper, wrote an excellent article entitled “The Media Will Reelect Trump.” In the article, he discusses how historians might characterize the mainstream media’s “fatuous” coverage of Trump.

They will wonder:

“How did so rich and complex a society as ours survive a pundit class so devoid of judgment, so incapable even of identifying what was interesting about the times they live in?”


As always, this is an open thread…


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