WaterCooler, Tuesday! 10/11/2016 - Open Thread - Katie Pavlich Tweets GOP Men and Interpreting Sexual Assault

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Late-night Tweet from Katie Pavlich sums up the post -Trump video debate

Katie’s tweet effectively explains the rift growing between conservative women and conservative men across the country. In a nutshell, women don’t understand why men don’t understand.

I have one thing to add to Katie’s tweet. Regardless of context, either a hot mic or a locker room, bantering about “grabbing a woman by her privates w/o consent” is always bad.  It is irrelevant whether the assault happened.

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Justice Ginsburg: Kaepernick’s national anthem protest is “dumb and disrespectful.”  Not being one to equivocate, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg expressed her pro bono dissent of Colin Kaepernick’s gameday protests in answer to Katie Couric’s question, should Kaepernick’s action be an arrestable offence.

“If they want to be stupid, there’s no law that should be preventive. If they want to be arrogant, there’s no law that prevents them from that. What I would do is strongly take issue with the point of view that they are expressing when they do that.”

A less publicised, more reflective topic between the ladies, came from the lede. Couric asks Ginsburg about her shock when hearing of Justice Antonin Scalia’s passing. She takes a 3 to 4-second pause before responding. “I was supposed to go first because I was two years older than Justice Scalia.” Her grief was palpable even though eight months have passed since his death.

“Poppycock,” says a Federal Judge, in defense of his decision to extend voter registration by one day in Florida. The judge is being called out by the Republicans for siding with the Democrats. Here’s the thing. Who cares if the judge is siding with the Democrats? Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina were devastated by Hurricane Matthew, and many of those state’s residents have been understandably distracted by the brutal attack on their lives by a force not of their making.

Both campaigns agreed, as Matthew’s potential to wreak havoc materialized, that the storm would likely break their momentum in the affected states. Both candidates now agree they have lost valuable time blanketing Florida with their rhetoric. Further, it is reasonably argued that neither candidate can afford to lose even one hanging chad wielding voter.

The voter registration dispute is key since both campaigns acknowledge that the storm’s interruptions could yield even marginal effects on voter turnout efforts. North Carolina and Florida remain close, even as Clinton appears to be taking a commanding national lead. Going days without door-knocking and phone-banking around Fayetteville, North Carolina, or registering voters around Jacksonville, Florida, is enough to make Republican and Democratic aides nervous.

The people of Florida deserve better than political paranoia. Put down the multi-ton R and D you all have been lugging around and get out the vote.

Today is Parson Weems Day. Born today in 1759, Mason Weems was a preacher and bestselling author. He wasn’t as much a historian as a manipulator of historical facts. In the interest of encouraging young minds to explore great American figures – and parents to purchase his books – Parson Weems would, how should I say, play fast and loose with the truth.

One of “fictitious story teller” Weems tales involved George Washington, a cherry tree and the infamous line, “I can not tell a lie.” Weems’ pretexts sold by the thousands and evolved fiction into fact not unlike our current day politicians.

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