WaterCooler, Tuesday! 10/04/2016 - Open Thread - WikiLeaks' Homage to Trump's Media Snipe Hunt

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WikiLeaks’ Homage to Trump’s Media Snipe Hunt

As RedState reported earlier, WikiLeaks’ big Announcement today was not *the* October Surprise and the media is less than pleased. What many heard from Julian Assange during his presser [VIDEO] was less informative more infotainment; less substantive more “I’d like to thank the Academy.” Have we seen this movie before?


The Big Reveal promoted by head Trump troll Roger Stone as a knockout blow to HRC never materialized. Unless reveal is a 90-minute tour of WikiLeaks’ first ten years and blatant self-promotion. From the two-hour press conference, those watching were graced with a roughly combined 5 minutes of talking about a Clinton wipeout by their doc dump, but mostly resulted in Assange denouncing the media’s hype and “a lot of misquoting of me.” Assange said WikiLeaks has some “interesting” information about the US election, but it’s general, not specific to a candidate.

This media distraction has a familiar smell to it, doesn’t it? Was the last 24 hours an homage to Donald Trump? Didn’t Donald a month or so ago lead the media on a similar snipe hunt?  Like moths to a flame, the beleaguered press corps toured the Halls of Trump’s grand new hotel which ended in a mere 64 words worthy of publication.

Would Assange imitate Trump as flattery? Is there a Trump, Assange, Putin triple bromance? Does China feel left out?

Below the Fold

  • Faith in Humanity – First the soul-sucking part. In January an Ohio police officer, Thomas Cottrell, was ambushed, shot and killed by a wretched man whose goal that night was as mindless as he is: “kill a cop.” Because for every act of evil, there are two acts of kindness, last weekend Cottrell’s three teenaged daughters went to their Homecoming with his memory. Two Officers who served with Cottrell provided a roundtrip police escort even pulling a chair to the girls’ table to remind them that weren’t alone. Their mom said, “The brothers in blue definitely came through for the girls.”

Apologies for the short WaterCooler today. Computers can be temperamentally unfit for office, too – at least my office. There’s plenty of space below to talk about the VP debate tonight (PF Changs has 20% off take out tonight!), Hillary and/or Trump bashing or you pick the topic. You’ve found an Open Thread so open up about whatever you like.


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