WaterCooler, Tuesday! 8/23/2016 - Open Thread - Trump's LA Promise, Who's Rights?

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Trump Watch: Accountability to LA Flood Victims

Will he or won’t he? That is the $100,000 question.

When Donald Trump held an impromptu photo op in Louisiana four (4) days ago, he generously obligated himself to bringing $100k’s worth of relief to the flood-ravaged community. Hold Trump to his obligation.

As of the 21st at 10:21 pm when Tony Perkins posted on Greenwell Springs Baptist Church Facebook page, Trump’s promise was confirmed, but is currently in “sending” status, as so many of his past financial contributions. Is there a promissory note, a handshake or a Publisher’s Clearinghouse check?

I also want to let you know that as a result of his visit to our church and seeing the work that we are doing to help the community, Donald Trump is sending a financial contribution to the church to aid our efforts.

Trump’s donation may be directed to the church or it may actually be promised to Samaritan’s Purse whose local headquarters is Greenwell Springs.

*Our base of operations in East Baton Rouge Parish is Greenwell Springs Baptist Church, where [Samaritan’s Purse President, Reverend Franklin] Graham visited this morning.

He was joined by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his running mate Indiana Governor Mike Pence, as well as other local and state officials, including Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser. They met with church leadership, including Tony Perkins, staff, and our volunteers, some of whom had homes damaged by the flooding.

An aside for those who haven’t been following evangelicals who are NOT teetering on the cliff with Trump, Franklin Graham resigned his Republican Party allegiance many months ago and has not endorsed Donald J. Trump.

Perhaps the visit was sincere, however it’s curious Trump would choose to promote a ginormous donation to a charity presided over by one of the rare evangelical holdouts. Here’s a VIDEO of Reverend Graham’s interview on FOX with a firm “thanks” to Trump and Pence, but a call to Christians to get out and vote for down ballot candidates.

Check out the video within the video of Trump unloading a donation truck. DJT seems most interested in smiling and giving a tiny  thumb-up to the hordes of news cameras.

Texas Throws a 10 Gallon into Trans Rights vs. 317.5 Million

The state of Texas and four (4) other states are set to file suit today against the Obama administration over the right of some entities to administrate their healthcare services as they feel adheres to their faith and conscience.

Texas, on behalf of Franciscan Alliance, a religious hospital network, and four other states are claiming that the new federal regulation would force doctors to perform gender transition procedures on children. The rule on nondiscrimination in health care prohibits denying or limiting coverage for transgender individuals, including health services related to gender transition.  – The Texas Tribune, 23 August 2016

A larger discussion surrounds a separate suit brought by Texas and 12 other states requesting the court intercept enforcement of Obama’s May (2016) executive order that demands all public schools give a transgender child’s right to choose priority over a child’s right not to be confused by his/her gender, therefore their right to privacy.

“The sensitivity to this matter is heightened because Defendant’s actions apply to the youngest child attending school and continues every year throughout each child’s educational career.”  – The Texas Tribune, 22 August 2016

A Bush, Jr. appointed judge released his decision Sunday which temporarily blocks the Obama administration’s directive to public schools to obey or federal funding would be restrained from their state. The judges ruling was based on the administration’s circumvention of congress, not on the merit of the executive order, but the result is the same. Schools will resume without the mandate.

Yet, ever defiant, the rights of a transgender, in the mind of a Liberal, is greater than the law.

“All students, regardless of their gender identity, deserve to be able to learn in an environment free from discrimination,” said Sarah Warbelow, legal director for the Human Rights Campaign. Schools are still required to protect students’ civil rights and can still choose to follow the federal guidance despite the ruling blocking enforcement by the feds, she added.

*Please click on this link if you’re in the area of East Baton Rouge Parish. They could use some man/woman hours and shelter for some of the flood victims. No pressure.


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