John Feehery to GOP: Stop Opposing Crony Capitalism

John Feehery call your office.  It appears someone has signed into your computer and is emailing columns out under your name that make you look like a simpleton.  The Wall Street Journal has fallen for the ruse.  They just published a column under your name lamenting conservative opposition to crony capitalism.


Feehery is everything that is wrong with the modern day GOP.  With his phone and his pen, he is a frequent pundit on radio, television and newspapers trashing conservatives, dishing out horrible advice to the Republican Party and promoting the causes of whatever client is silly enough to pay him to lobby.

Feehery came to work in DC for liberal House Minority Leader Bob Michel whose claim to fame was his infamous go-along-to-get-along love affair with then House Speaker Tip O’Neill.  Michel and O’Neill often would slip away from the Capitol to go play golf in their underwear at the all-men’s Burning Tree Golf Club in Maryland.  Feehery was groomed by Michel’s Chief of Staff Ray LaHood who, as a member of the Obama administration, campaigned against cell phones in cars, promoted the failed stimulus program and pushed for gas tax hikes.

Feehery has learned well from his mentors.  In the Wall Street Journal over the weekend, Feehery lamented the growth of “elements of the GOP coalition [that] have become overtly hostile to Big Business.”  No, Feehery hasn’t become an Ayn Rand supporter (America’s Persecuted Minority: Big Business”).  He is upset that “crony capitalism has become the battle cry of libertarian conservatives.”  In other words, Feehery loves the marriage between government and business and castigates Republicans who believe there should be a divorce.  He lauds bailouts, handouts, giveaways, tax carve-outs and earmarks and wants his fellow GOP to promote them.  Who would get rich or listen to his gibberish if these libertarian conservatives got their way?


Feehery continues to dig his rhetorical grave by asking the question: “What would happen if Big Business decided to change sides? What would happen if the Chamber of Commerce suddenly stopped being a huge fundraising machine for the Republican Party and started financing pro-business Democrats?”  Does he believe that Republicans should do the bidding of the Chamber of Commerce because they are paid to do so?

We already know there is a price to pay for supporting the principles of limited government.  This past week, the Chamber of Commerce (supporters of the TARP bailouts and the Obama stimulus plan) announced they were targeting Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) for defeat in the Republican primary.  Amash is Congress’ number one champion of free enterprise and free markets.  He opposes the special interest giveaways promoted by the Beltway Bandits and for that, they have placed a target on his back.

From Mississippi (where Feehery promoted Sen. Thad Cochran with the brilliant tweet: “I guess Mississippi doesn’t want Federal money anymore. I betcha there are 49 states that will gladly take it”) to Michigan where free market advocates are now the enemy, a battle for the soul of the Republican Party is being fought across the nation.  If liberty-loving conservatives don’t stand up and fight nothing will change and that is exactly what Feehery and his ilk are hoping for.



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