Do These Republican Senators Support Obamacare?



A supremely unpopular bill already a proven trainwreck before (delayed) implementation is even fully in effect:

Moderate Democrats are retreating from Obamacare, according to the Washington Post. Hospitals are retreating from Obamacare. Americans broadly doubt Obamacare will help them. Consumers in most states won’t see reductions in premiums for their healthcare, contrary to what the Democrats claimed. In fact, there are twenty-seven ways in which Obamacare will increase the costs of your healthcare. In the meantime, Obamacare is costing jobs in Ohio and elsewhere. The restaurant industry is reducing hours of employees and cutting full time workers.


The below Senators have not signed Sen. Mike Lee’s letter to force the defunding of Obamacare by blocking a continuing resolution on government spending — snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Any vote for any funding of Obamacare is a vote for it. If these below senators aren’t interested in defunding it — the only way we have right now of stopping it — how can we trust them to support a repeal? Obamacare is hurting us now. If these elected officials won’t act to stop it we need to find those who will. Pick which narrative scares you the most, ladies and gentlemen.

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Sen. Roger Wicker – Twitter: @SenWicker | Facebook | Contact


ADDED: I have NO IDEA why Senators Lee, Cruz, Paul, and others aren’t in front of every single television camera that will have them to explain this to people. Don’t call out a war and then not engage to win. This is winnable. Once the freebies  — and delayed pain — start rolling in, it’s fait accompli The time to stop it is now.


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