Gang Of Eighters Place Full Confidence In Janet Napolitano

Forget the fake “savings.” Forget how the bill has no real penalties for breaking the law, forget how it presupposes that people who don’t pay into the system will willingly cooperate to only pay back “assessed taxes” (not back taxes) at time of filing (Sec. 2101, p. 70). Forget the host of other inanities in this bill that make it 1986 redux. The first thing that should stop lawmakers in their tracks is the gifting of border security control to DHS’s Janet Napolitano. 


Napolitano. The same official who reportedly perjured herself over Fast and Furious. The same official who listed veterans on the DHS’s terror watch list. The same official who watched veterans but didn’t catch the Tsarnaev brothers’s abuse of student visas and repeated warnings from foreign agencies as to their extremism. The same Napolitano who is granted the power to determine that the border is secure, thereby fulfilling the requirement for amnesty. Well guess what?

She says the border is secure.

Prerequisite met! The pathway to amnesty can begin in ernest.

The same individuals who were angry at Napolitano’s above offenses now suddenly support giving her the power to determine border security and even waive conditions of eligibility for amnesty consideration.

Where is the consistency?


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