It's A Taxation Issue, Not A Marriage Issue

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The woman at the center of the DOMA battle, one part of the same sex marriage issue before SCOTUS:

How did the Defense of Marriage Act end up at the Supreme Court? It’s because of , an 83-year-old widow and the plaintiff in United States v. Windsor.


When Speyer died in 2009, she left her estate to Windsor, who got hit with a $360,000 tax bill. Because of DOMA’s definition of marriage as “a legal union between one man and one woman,” federal tax benefits that shield married couples from the estate tax didn’t apply.

This is a taxation issue, not a marriage issue. Just as I feel that those on the right who believe that “marriage equality” is small government are incorrect, I also feel that those who invite government into marriage to “protect” marriage are committing the same big government fallacy. You should be taxed less regardless of whether you’re married, in a civil union, or just taxed less, period.

Really this simply underscores how those in the gay community should join the conservative push for lower taxation.


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