RedState's Watercooler, 8/22 Open Thread: Picking Playlists for the 'Woke Right'


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Finding an Anthem for ‘Woke Normals’


For as long as people have formed themselves into groups, they’ve used anthems, battle hymns, marches and various other musical themes to define themselves–both to rally friends to the cause and to warn off foes, and now that what Kurt Schlichter calls the ‘Woke Normal’ movement has come into our own a post from a few days ago sparked me to start thinking that maybe we need something catchy to define ourselves by. Nobody’s more surprised than me by the first two ideas that popped into mind–musically speaking I’m Mozart not Metal, but I thought I’d throw out a couple ideas for Peer Review, and see what suggestions other Woke Normals might have to pitch in. (Hat tip to Kimberly Ross for inspiring this one, even if indirectly and as a rebuttal.)

Twisted Sister – We’re Not Gonna Take It

Alice Cooper – No More Mr. Nice Guy

Well, those are my two ideas, what do you all out in Reader Land think would be a good musical signature for our cause?


A Question

As you all might recall, next week is penciled in for another Drill of the Month, and I’m finding myself skosh on ideas and some of the drills I have are incomplete or difficult to replicate on civilian ranges. What kinds of things would you like to read about and try on the range?



This Week In History

  • Sunday, 8/19: Constitution defeats Guerriere, 1812; first race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 1909; B-25 Mitchell first flies, 1940; USN Tomcats whack Libyan Su-22s, 1981
  • Monday, 8/20: Tucson founded, 1775; first commercial radio station, now known as WWJ, begins broadcasting, 1920; MacArthur’s forces repel Norks at Battle of Taegu, 1950
  • Tuesday, 8/21: Santa Fe falls in Pueblo Revolt, 1680; Quantrill’s terrorists destroy Lawrence, KS, 1863; IJA turned back at Tenaru on Guadalcanal, 1942; Hawaii statehood, 1959
  • Wednesday, 8/22: Redcoats abandon Fort Stanwix, 1777; Cadillac founded and TR first POTUS to make public appearance in automobile, 1902; Vicki Weaver murdered by FBI-sponsored terrorist Lon Horiuchi, 1992
  • Thursday, 8/23: West NC attempts to form new State of Franklin, 1784; Turner’s Rebellion put down, 1831; first flight of C-130 Hercules, 1954; WWW opened to public, 1991
  • Friday, 8/24: Attack on Detroit aborted by Indian ambush, 1781; Edison patents movie camera, 1891; Communist Control Act takes effect, 1954; Windows 95 released, 1995
  • Saturday, 8/25: Library of Congress torched by Redcoats, 1814; National Park Service created, 1916; Confrontation Day at HUAC, 1948; Torvalds announces first version of Linux, 1991

Today’s Birthdays: Composer Claude Debussy, 1862; singer-songwriter John Lee Hooker, 1917; author Ray Bradbury, 1920; witch-hunt victim Scooter Libby, 1950.

Holidays Around the World: The Chennai and Tamil Nadu regions of India celebrate Madras Day, and Russia observes Flag Day.

This Week In History is compiled with assistance from and Wikipedia. Something interesting not listed here? Please share in the Comments section–this is an Audience Participation Encouraged featurette.


Gratuitous Gun Giveaways


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Public Service Announcement for “Sanctuary State” Residents
If you would like to report illegal aliens, please call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (347-2423). They will need to know names, locations (either work place or residence) and any other specific information you can provide. Visit for more information.


Quote of the Day

Inspired by how so many Democrats have aged as horribly as the antiquated 19th-20th Century ideologies they so bitterly cling to…

To hold the same views at forty as we did at twenty is to have been stupefied for a score of years, and take rank, not as a prophet, but as an unteachable brat, well birched and none the wiser.

–Robert Louis Stevenson


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