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Guns & Gear Review: CAA MPS Spare Magazine Carrier

This review we’re back to looking at toys from our Israeli friends, a clever little gadget that lets you mount a spare magazine right on your rifle or AR pistol.

This time, though, the item in question is from Command Arms Accessories, an Israeli-American company run by retired LTC Mikey Weinstein, who ran the school that taught every IDF soldier to shoot for a generation. (And he’s still teaching; around the 26th of every month CAA posts a roughly one-hour lesson from him on “Shooting the IDF Way” on their Facebook page.)

The MPS is basically a brick with one open side, sized just right to slide over the feed end of an AR15 magazine, with a clamp on one of the wide sides and a lever to release the latch that locks it in place on the rail. (The latch is simple to remove and reversible to fit the needs of your install, though I suggest working over a box in case any small parts fall.) While it’s marketed primarily for their CBS collapsible buttstock, I have one on the left-front of my 10″ AR pistol and two more waiting for me to determine best placement and mount on my home-defense carbine; personally I prefer the spare magazines up-front as much as possible so there’s less reaching with the support hand to grab the mag and rack it and the hand can go back to supporting the front of the gun quicker and more efficiently. Two tabs with ribs clamp the mag in place and will nicely take a Magpul Pmag, and there’s a drain-hole in the middle of the end just in case.


FAB Defense also makes a similar product, but the CAA version has one formidable advantage: it can legally be used on an AR pistol. The FAB version projects straight out from the rail and is actually designed as a foregrip, so whether it’s placed somewhere you can hold it or not the FAB carrier takes you from a legal AR pistol into an NFA-restricted “Any Other Weapon” requiring a $200 tax-stamp to “manufacture.” (Yeah, $200 to mount a mag carrier seems stupid to me too, but I’m not the jackbooted kitten-stomper and kiddie-torcher who makes the rules at Always Terrorists & Fascists. I don’t make the rules–if I did it’d be “Milspec-Outfitted 14.5″ M4s For EVERYONE!”–I just try to color within the lines of ’em best I can and report on ’em to help others do so too.)

They’re also inexpensive: some retailers list them for an MSRP of around $15, but I bought mine from CAA direct which usually offers better prices; if memory serves I paid about $5 each for mine. Would buy again; actually I’m considering picking up a few to have on hand as spares.

The author was not compensated for this review, and the review sample is courtesy of his own wallet.


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This Week In History

  • Sunday, 8/20: Lewis & Clark Expedition’s only fatality, 1804; first round-the-world telegram, 1911; Voyager 2 probe launched, 1977
  • Monday, 8/21: Lawrence, KS massacred, 1863; Oldsmobile founded, 1897; Hawaii statehood, 1959
  • Tuesday, 8/22: Redcoats invade Long Island, 1776; US wins first America’s Cup race, 1851; Cadillac founded, 1902
  • Wednesday, 8/23: Turner’s Rebellion put down, 1831; fall of Ft. Morgan, 1864; WWW opened to public, 1991
  • Thursday, 8/24: Redcoats burn DC, 1814; first concrete for Panama Canal poured, 1909; Communist Control Act takes effect, 1954 (still on the books, just has never been enforced!)
  • Friday, 8/25: National Park Service created, 1916; Chambers confronts Alger Hiss, 1948; Torvalds announces Linux OS, 1991
  • Saturday, 8/26: Fitch patents steamboat, 1791; 19th Amendment grants women suffrage, 1920; Boeing 787 certified for service, 2011

Today’s Birthdays: Sailor Oliver Hazard Perry, 1785; soldier Jonathan Wainwright, 1883; entertainer Gene Kelly, 1912

Holidays Around the World: It’s Black Ribbon Day (in joint memory of Stalinism and Nazism’s victims) in the EU, Day of the National Flag in Ukraine and Battle of Kursk Day in Russia. It’s also the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition. (Why can’t the Useless Nations be less longwinded about these things, are their pencilpushers paid by the word?)

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Quote of the Day

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