The Watercooler, 10/12 Open Thread: HuffPo Inciting (More) Felonies, Weird News

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HuffPo Inciting Felonies

Seems the whackjobs at Huffington Post really want to encourage firearms theft: (“Betsy” being an alleged activist firearms thief)

Unlocked cars are a great place to find any kind of gun a Betsy might want, from handguns to AR-15s. Betsy helpfully reminded this gun owner former gun owner of the cold statistical truth:

Garages can also offer a wealth of weapons to literally anyone who happens to stroll by. Irresponsible gunlicking [XXXX]wits, take note: if you can’t keep your [XXXX]ing guns out of the wrong [XXXX]ing hands, they will end up in Betsy’s.

Wow. Such class, such respect for safety and property. But we’ve long known what kind of cesspool Team Blue has devolved into…


Weird News


This Week In History

  • Sunday, Oct 9: Yale chartered, 1701; capture of HMS’s Detroit and Caledonia on Lake Erie, 1812; Hoover Dam generators come on-line, 1936; Dead Che Day, 1967 (did you get your T-shirts?)
  • Monday, Oct 10: US Naval Academy opens, 1845; Panama Canal completed, 1913; Navy F-14s intercept plane carrying Achille Lauro terrorists, 1985
  • Tuesday, Oct 11: Battle of Valcour Island, 1776; T. Roosevelt (post-office) first US president to fly, 1910; Battle of Cape Esperance, 1942; SNL debuts, 1975
  • Wednesday, Oct 12: Columbus reaches New World, 1492; first US insane asylum opens in VA, 1773; White House officially named, 1901; USS Cole bombing, 2000
  • Thursday, Oct 13: USN forerunner Continental Navy established, 1775; Texas votes to join USA, 1845; first American cell-phone network launched, 1983
  • Friday, Oct 14: Eastman patents paper photo-film, 1884; Cubs score their last World Series win to date, 1908; Cuban Missile Crisis begins, 1962
  • Saturday, Oct 15: CSS Hunley sub lost for first time, 1863; Graf Zeppelin first lands in NJ, 1928; FORTRAN, first modern computer language, released to coders, 1956

Today’s Birthdays: Soldier and diplomat William H. Sullivan, 1922; airman Scott O’Grady, 1965; actor and evangelical activist Kirk Cameron, 1970

Holidays Around the World: Children’s Day in Brazil, Armed Forces Day in Spain, Independence Day in Equatorial Guinea, and many Columbus-related observances in the Bahamas, Mexico, and Central and South America.

This Week In History is compiled with assistance from and Wikipedia. Something interesting not listed here? Please share in the Comments section–this is an Audience Participation Encouraged featurette.

Gratuitous Gun Giveaways

*Note: FMG Publishing giveaways require you to provide an FFL dealer’s info at entry. Come on, guys, I want to hear about one of you winning one of these! 🙂

Quote of the Day

Sad reality of so many Baby Boomers and younger, which explains the rise of so many statists unfit for any higher public service than organ donation:

Man is tormented by no greater anxiety than to find someone quickly to whom he can hand over that great gift of freedom with which the ill-fated creature is born.–Fyodor Dostoyevsky


As always, the Watercooler is an Open Thread. That’s it for today’s offerings, so now that you’ve had a sip or two feel free to bring your own offerings for the potluck table.

#NoQuarter #TheParty’sOver

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(Image by WarX, edited by Manuel Strehl at Wikimedia; used under Creative Commons Attribution license)

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