The GOP: A Choice, not an Echo

Well, it appears that we are on the same page as the establishment with one important goal.  House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told the Richmond Times-Dispatch  “America needs a Republican Party.”


Amen!  We’ve been saying for years that America needs a bold choice, not a faint and pathetic echo.

Unfortunately, it seems that Cantor plans to achieve that goal by counterintuitively acting more like the Democrats.  After discussing flat wages and anemic job growth with the Times-Dispatch, Cantor said that one of his first priorities is to pass amnesty for young illegal immigrants, opening up the spigot of welfare and Democrat voter registration for years to come.

Ironically, we will never raise the level of income unless we end this circuitous cycle of illegal cheap labor from the third world.  Granting citizenship and benefits to the children before shutting off the current flow (which has grown stronger thanks to promises of amnesty) will only exacerbate the problem.  Moreover, this is not exactly why we need a Republican Party.  If the goal is to pass amnesty before enforcement, let’s leave it to the professionals in the Democrat Party.

Let’s walk through the logical conclusion of the so-called Kids Act.  Once all of the kids are granted amnesty by Congress, there is no way the immediate family members will ever be sent back.  Also, any illegal can potentially be a guardian of an amnestied child.  Hence, the Obama administration would immediately suspend all deportations, and enjoy an act of Congress to buttress their administrative maneuvering.


What would this mean for the future?

We would basically extend our anchor baby policy to include anchor teenagers, essentially telegraphing the message that as long as you come here illegally with children; the entire family is welcome forever.  This will cause a mad rush for the border and engender an epidemic of visa overstays.

Additionally, once they obtain green cards or citizenship, they will be eligible to bring in more family members and spawn more chain migration.  Again, Republicans might start out with something blocking family members and chain migration, but that will never stand in the long run.  Those provisions will either be inserted into conference, or inevitably revised down the road.

What’s the next item on Cantor’s agenda?

He also said that he does not expect a 2014 repeat of this year’s partial government shutdown. He is not optimistic about reaching a grand bargain on the federal budget, in part because of Democrats’ insistence on more tax increases, but he is hopeful that a deal can be struck to lift some of the sequester cuts, especially those hitting the Pentagon, in exchange for an equal amount of longer-term savings in areas such as six-day postal service and federal employee benefits.

So House leadership has joined Senator Mitch McConnell in jettisoning any demands on Obamacare for the budget bill in January.  Cantor is now  also part of the ‘repeal it in 2017’ crowd.


So there you have it, folks.  If we merely hold our fire during the primaries and just elect anyone with an R next to their name, we will have Mitch McConnell as Senate leader and possibly Eric Cantor (if Boehner calls it quits) as Speaker of the House.  What an encouraging thought.  Poignantly, McConnell also shares Cantor’s alacrity for amnesty, according to George Will.

Last week, in a wide-raging interview with the Washington Examiner, McConnell insinuated that he will fight back against the Tea Party.  He is enlisting his amnesty associates at the Chamber of [government-run] Commerce.  McConnell suggested that conservative groups led by Senate Conservatives Fund are misleading Republicans about unrealistic outcomes with a Democrat Senate and Democrat president.

What he doesn’t tell you is that Democrats lack 60 votes in the Senate, and he has ostensibly handed over the conference to Harry Reid whenever he needs the votes.  This is not going to change with superficial GOP control of the Senate….unless we first change the Republican Party and make it an actual second party, one that will fight the Democrats with as much gusto as they dish out.

The Cantor/McConnell vision of pre-emptively surrendering every budget battle, using Obamacare as a vacuous talking point, and passing amnesty might please the Chamber of Commerce and D.C. Special Interests.  But it doesn’t pass muster with those who are looking for a choice, not an echo.


As Eric Cantor said, “America needs a Republican Party.”

We need a Republican Party that will end Obama’s immigration lawlessness and protect America first – before pandering to special interests.

We need a Republican Party that will categorically write off corporate welfare and phase out the current regime of subsidies across many sectors of the economy.

We need a Republican Party that will make it clear to the opposition party that they will never blink first, and that they will do everything it takes to vanquish Obamacare.

We need a Republican Party that will fight just as hard, if not harder than, the Democrats to restore our Republic.

It’s time we create one in the 2014 primaries.

Cross-posted from The Madison Project


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