You Will be Made to Care About Governmental Social Engineering

Yesterday, the Democrat supermajority in the Senate passed the preposterous transgendered lawsuit bill with 64 votes.  The most consequential outcome of ENDA (were it to pass the House) is that sexual illnesses and subjective (“perceived”) gender preferences would now be required by the federal government to be treated as mainstream in schools and the workforce.  Moreover, they would be considered a protected class, forcing private citizens and businesses to accommodate their behavior.  It goes without saying that public schools would be forced to accede to the demands of the ever officious and truculent sexual mis-identity lobby.


These stories are already occurring across the country.  Recently, one school in Colorado, Florence High School, issued a directive to allow boys who desired to be girls to use the girls’ bathroom.  Here are the details of the story from BizPac Review:

The transgender student, a male who identifies himself as a female, has sexually harassed female students in the girl’s bathroom at Florence High School, Pacific Justice Institute reported.

Not only have parents’ complaints gone nowhere, but the female students have also been threatened with dismissal from athletic teams and hate crimes charges if the complaints don’t stop, according to the institute, a nonprofit religious-rights organization that was alerted by concerned parents.

BizPac Review obtained the institute’s letter, sent to the school reminding officials of their “legal obligations to protect the privacy and expressive rights of all students — not just a select few.”

Institute attorneys said parents contacted them after discovering the school’s “apparent disregard for the constitutional privacy rights of their minor children.”

According to the letter, after meeting with the girls complaining about sharing a bathroom with the transgender student, school officials suggested the girls “avoid using the girls’ locker room” and instead use another bathroom. However, the one suggested is “far from their classes” and is not open during the after-school sports in which they participate.”


Watch this video from the Pacific Justice Institute, and remember that you will be made to care:

For those of you who just want to “focus on the fiscal stuff,” remember that you will have no choice.  The left will not relent.  They will not “live and let live.”  This is not about “privacy in the bedroom.”

There is no truce.  There never will be a truce on social issues.  They seek unconditional surrender.

Are you prepared to acquiesce?


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