Matt Bevin and the Coming Revolution

Earlier this month, we commemorated the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.  It is sobering to think how much our forefathers sacrificed to create and preserve the greatest nation in the history of mankind.  Almost every American family was dramatically affected by the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and World War II.  Yet, despite their enormous sacrifice, the past few generations have diminished the greatness of our nation, depreciating the value of the gift that was bequeathed to us by our brave Founders.


After five years of President Obama built on top of a century of progressiveness, many of us feel that we no longer recognize the America we once knew and loved.  Taken as a whole, we have a group of fringe radicals who preside over our government and civil societal institutions with the purpose of infringing upon our liberties, dismantling our free markets, erasing our borders, attenuating our values, and appeasing our enemies.

Many of us have relied upon the Republican Party to fight for our values, but they are either feckless in providing us with a bold alternative or are complicit in the diminishing of this nation.

The amazing thing is that, unlike in past generations, we need not sacrifice our lives to restore our Republic.  We just need to band together and offer some time and money to completely overturn the political class that has run our country into the ground.  We have the power to throw out these fifth columnists, take back the Republican Party, and fundamentally restore our Republican form of government.  Yet, year after year, we reelect 95% of these empty suits – including the failed leaders of the Republican Party.

This is about to change, but only with your help.

Next year, we will have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to foment a bloodless revolution to completely change the leadership in Washington.  Over the past few months, I’ve had the privilege of working with a few dedicated people to help a number of gifted patriots storm the castle of the political class and change the dynamic in Washington.  The first man to step forward is, perhaps, the most impressive of all.  Matt Bevin, a gifted entrepreneur, loving father of nine, and prolific philanthropist, has stepped up to be the modern-day Paul Revere and has the intrepid courage to fight the political class in a way that few are willing to do.


The enormity of this race simply cannot be overstated.  This is a man who has so much to lose and very little to gain by challenging the sitting party leader in the primary.  But it must be done if we ever hope to take back the party and the Republic.  He is already making a difference by challenging the party leader on current issues, such as amnesty and defunding Obamacare.

Earlier this week, the PAC I work for– the Madison Project – endorsed Matt Bevin in his historic bid to storm the castle of the political class.  He told me six months ago that he felt one man can inspire many more people with compelling narratives and impressive life accomplishments to do the same.  I’m already seeing a number of “new paradigm conservatives” in the mold of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee begin taking steps to run for House or Senate seats.

Every day I meet concerned conservatives, often retirees, who are gripped with a deep sense of disquiet over the future of this Republic.  They feel as if this is not the same country they grew up with and loved so passionately.  I’m always asked the same question over and over again.  “What can I do?”  “How can I make a difference?”

Obviously, this is a long-term struggle – one in which we must force through transformational reforms if we ever hope to fundamentally restore the Republic for years to come.  But at present, the most consequential thing you can do is volunteer your time or money for this budding bloodless revolution.  It starts with Matt Bevin in Kentucky.  If we are able to knock off the leader of the establishment, we will completely change the party. We will start a new precedent of electing citizen legislators in primaries against the most entrenched members of the political class.  And we will add more effective 21st century conservatives to the small cadre of fighters already in Washington.  Those of you attending the Red State Gathering on Friday will get a glimpse of this growing revolution.


We don’t have to sacrifice our lives for this revolution.  I’ve just sacrificed some time with my family and my summer vacation in order to help foment this revolution.  If you are looking to spend your money for the most consequential political cause of our time, I cannot think of a better place to donate than to Matt Bevin’s campaign.  He is well worth the investment, as are some other revolutionary candidates on the horizon.  Remember, Ted Cruz started out at 4% in the polls, and gradually improved over time only after conservatives around the country rallied to the cause.  We will have the opportunity to send more reinforcements to Washington, but they cannot do it alone.

It’s time to put the Republic back in the Republican Party.  Come be a part of history.


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