Curing the Corker-Hoeven Syndrome

Well, it looks like Chuck Schumer has once again injected the GOP Capitulation Caucus with an acute case of the Corker-Hoeven Syndrome.  Those senators who suffer from Corker-Hoeven are gripped with an inexorable desire to gravitate towards Room 201 in Dirksen Senate Office Building for their daily marching orders.  The Corker-Hoeven Syndrome is especially contagious when the air at 317 Russell gets stale with moss-covered GOP leaders.  This is not an ailment that can be cured with Pepto-Bismol.  The only panacea is competition in GOP primaries.


At the root of conservative philosophy is the confidence in the efficiency of the marketplace.  We understand that the more choice and competition that exists in a given field, the better the product or service will be for consumers.  Yet when it comes to electing Republicans to Congress, there is no competition.  Every 6 years we rubber stamp the reelection of red state losers like Bob Corker, only to be abused for another 6 years at the hands of Chuck Schumer.

In the few instances when we have competitive primaries, the Corker-Hoeven syndrome all but disappears.  For example, when Orrin Hatch was challenged in his primary last year, he had a clean bill of health all year.  He was never seen anywhere near 201 Dirksen. [Unfortunately, he has experienced a relapse since winning reelection.]  More recently, Rep. Bill Shuster, chairman of the T & I Committee, drew a primary challenger, Art Halvorson.  For the first time, he actually voted against the farm bill and supported conservative amendments that he previously voted against.  No Corker-Hoeven to be found here.

While we still have time until the 2014 general elections, the primaries are beginning now.  There are 14 Republican senators up for reelection, most of whom are infected with Corker-Hoeven, yet we only have potential primary challengers for a few of them.  There are scores of House members that will just coast to reelection and continue suffering from Corker-Hoeven if we don’t inject some competition into their sphere.


If you’re a state or local conservative elected official, or even a political neophyte with a viable plan to win, and reside in a land invested by Corker-Hoeven syndrome, please drop me an email at [email protected].

Just a small dosage of Primary medicine can cure even the worst cases of Corker-Hoeven.


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