Bill Cassidy’s Complicated Relationship With Obamacare

When the establishment is looking to recruit someone to run for Senate, they first look to find like-minded people in the House.  What better person to be a yes-man for McConnell than someone who has been a yes-man for House leadership?  Their latest recruit is Congressman Bill Cassidy who is being supported by all of the establishment in his bid for Senate.

Every Republican in Washington plans to run for election against Obamacare.  However, they all understand that we lack the votes to repeal the law statutorily.  The only thing we can do is vote to defund Obamacare and the individual mandate through the HHS and Financial Services Appropriations bills.  But when the rubber meets the road, the establishment types are missing in action.  Bill Cassidy is one of those members who likes to inveigh against Obamacare even as he votes to fund it in the spending bills.  He likes to take digs at the IRS, even though he declined to join the effort to defund their Obamacare office.

Like most of the establishment candidates who feel insecure in their opposition to Obamacare, Cassidy took his turn posing behind the Mitch McConnell RINO-protection tower last month.

McConnell Obamacare Tower

This tower of babel has become the latest prop to bolster weak Republicans during primaries.  Those people like Jim Bridenstine and Ted Cruz don’t need a photo op to illustrate their opposition to Obamacare.  Their conviction stands for itself.  Cassidy, on the other hand, needs that extra distraction to ingratiate himself to primary voters.

And for good reason.

Last October, Cassidy also posed with a red ribbon in a photo op.  This time it wasn’t with the McConnell tower of deception; it was at a red-ribbon-cutting ceremony for the groundbreaking of an Obamacare school-based health clinicCassidy headlined the ceremony for the $500,000 Obamacare grant.

Westdale Middle School Obamacare Clinic Groundbreaking

Folks, is this the best we can do in a state with virtually no Democrat bench?  Really?

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