Art Halvorson for Congress in Pennsylvania's Ninth District

Earlier this year, I made a promise to the Red State community to leave no stone unturned in pursuit of committed conservative alternatives to the statists that saturate the ranks of the Republican Party.  Well, through the Madison Project PAC, and on behalf of former Congressman Jim Ryun, I’m ready to announce the first endorsement of the cycle.  We’re committed to replacing Bill Shuster with patriot Art Halvorson in Pennsylvania’s 9th district.


Today, Erick lamented the fact that there are so few people running as “disruptive” candidates – people who are running to blow up the system, instead of joining the system.  Well, Art Halvorson is one of the few we have found so far.  He is running against GOP leadership, and has already assembled a viable campaign.  Unfortunately, the combination of purpose and viability are so hard to find when looking for challengers.

We are constantly complaining about the misrepresentation of conservative ideals within the Republican Party.  Yet, when presented with the only real opportunity to change the status quo; namely, during primary elections, many of us in the broader movement are missing in action – at least until the challenger actually gains traction and surges ahead.  Bill Shuster is the epitome of a big government, tax and porker who is sitting on a 2-1 Romney district.  We welcome and challenge other conservative organizations to join the fight for our party and our Republic.

You can read the endorsement here.


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