The Debt Ceiling is all About Obamacare

There is nothing more odious in a free society than politicians using the boot of government to make the most basic goods and services unaffordable for the majority of the country, thereby engendering a need for subsidization.  In one fell swoop, representatives who deviate from the Constitution have the ability to destroy the self-respect and quality of life for all but the top 1% – the very people who are reviled by these same politicians.


This is exactly what is transpiring with Obamacare implementation.  That is exactly why Republicans must use the debt ceiling to kill Obamacare while it is extremely unpopular and before its immutable dependency takes effect.

I am one of those people who buy private health insurance and am hurt by the government’s tendentious tax treatment of employer-based insurance.  I am also unlucky enough to live in Maryland, where health premiums are slated to increase as much as 150% after Obamacare is implemented.  Other people who get their insurance from employers are being laid off as a result of the ubiquitous company splits in preparation from the employer mandate.  Still others are being cut back to part time employment.

This is one of those moments where the American people expect Republicans in Washington to lay down in front of the metaphorical Obamacare tanks and stop this assault on freedom.

No, the bill will not collapse under its own weight; the country will collapse under the weight of the program.  We must make the program collapse.

Yesterday, Congressman Jim Bridenstine drew a line in the sand on this so-called Williamsburg Accord that we’ve mentioned here several weeks ago.  Pursuant to that ad hoc agreement in January, a number of good conservatives have fallen on their swords with bad votes to suspend the debt ceiling law and to fund Obamacare in the CR.  The rationale behind the agreement was that we’d push off the major fight until we can formulate a 10-year balanced budget and unite behind it.  Well, that’s what we did.  Now is the time to stand behind it.


Later this week, the House will pass the Full Faith and Credit Act, which forces the Treasury to prioritize payment of interest on the debt and Social Security treasuries in the event that the debt ceiling is breached.  It also allows the Treasury to issue more debt just for the purpose of paying that interest.  This bill must not serve as a show vote for conservatives.  It must serve as the foundation for fighting any further debt ceiling increase unless Congress agrees to pass a balanced budget.

Unfortunately, some Republicans in leadership are talking about tying the debt ceiling increase to an agreement to tackle tax reform.  It is sort of reminiscent to the 2011 deal which raised the debt ceiling in return for a vote on a balanced budget.  We will never implement proper tax reform under this president, and it is not a timely issue that needs to be addressed as expeditiously as Obamacare.

As for a balanced budget, it doesn’t take an advanced degree in math to know that you can never balance the budget without eliminating Obamacare.  That must be the end-game to any strategy for raising the debt ceiling.  With record disapproval of Obamacare amidst the rising premiums, we must begin a relentless offensive against the program every week leading up to the phony debt ceiling deadline some time in September or October.


It’s time for our members to muster the courage to block implementation while the public is feeling the pain of rising costs as a result of the law.  If we don’t prevent the consummate dependency program from taking root, any discussion of balanced budgets or entitlement reform is nothing more than hollow rhetoric.



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