Why is Bipartisanship a One-Way Street?

We really need to make Republican members of Congress sign a pledge that they will not engage in gang violence against the party.  This secretive bipartisan gang work is getting out of hand.


While working on ways to stop the hemorrhaging in our party from the Schumer/Rubio amnesty gang, I discovered today that Senator Coburn is working with a Democrat gang to advance a universal background check law.  To my knowledge, this news came as a surprise to his fellow conservatives in the Senate as well.  Who is he working with?  Among others, Chuck Schumer!  What in the world does Chuck Schumer have over the heads of senators from some of the most conservative states?

In recent years, individual Republican members have embarked on a Benedict Arnold approach to legislating by granting cover for squishy Republicans and red state Democrats to support bills that would otherwise never pass.  Instead of working openly with fellow conservatives to draft a statement of principles on the issue at hand, these ‘gangsters’ work in secret with the most liberal members to chart a path for 60 members to pass bad legislation.  All too often, these members back away at the last moment and vote against the proposal, something I’m sure Marco Rubio will eventually do with the amnesty bill, but not after the damage had already been done.

What on earth would impel Senator Coburn to give cover for red state Democrats to pass broader unconstitutional gun bills?  This year we have a unique dynamic in which there are a record number of Democrats who stand for reelection in states that oppose gun control (and almost everything else on the Obama/Reid agenda).  These Democrats cannot be caught dead voting for an “assault weapons” ban.  Yet, by giving them an opening to sign onto a more mellifluous-sounding proposal like universal background checks, they will have the cover to oppose the other harsher amendments, while signing the fate of the final bill.


Like all gun-control measures, universal background checks will only empower a voracious anti-gun administration to aggressively pursue gun shows and gun owners for violations of unconstitutional laws, while doing nothing to deal with the root cause of violence.  This will be the first step in creating a national gun registry, granting unchecked power to the ATF – a criminal agency if we’ve ever seen one.    It’s a solution in pursuit of a problem.  As long as blue states continue to pass feeble anti-crime laws and politically correct guidelines for dealing with the mentally ill who are dangerous, no degree of background checks will prevent mass shootings.  The southern California shooter proves that.  They certainly will not prevent the every-day violent crime that plagues the inner cities in blue states.  The reality is that criminals and those with dangerous mental illnesses will always be able to obtain ‘undocumented’ guns (after all, we could never deport every illegal gun; let’s just give them amnesty and call it a day).

But fear not, Joe Manchin, who has shown himself to be a radical leftist until election season comes around, has proposed a grand idea to the gang.  He wants to form a commission on “how our culture has gotten so desensitized toward violence.”

Seriously, it would be nice for Senator Manchin to man-up and campaign on the agenda he seeks to pursue when he’s out of West Virginia.

As for our guys, this is really getting old.  We have a man representing a state where every county voted against Obama who is helping Democrats get their collective foots in the door on gun control.  We had Senator Crapo from Idaho co-sponsoring this week’s expansion of the deceptively-named Violence Against Women Act.  Let me ask you, do you ever find Democrats representing the most liberal states run across the aisle to find a way to pass a national right to work law?  Do you ever find Chuck Schumer seeking to pave a road with Rand Paul and Mike Lee to reduce the power of the TSA?  Do you ever find Barbara Boxer working with Ted Cruz on compromise options for Social Security choice?


Democrats are the ones who are in trouble, as 7 of their members must win reelection in states carried by Romney.  Let’s work together with Republican members to chart a path forward, and force the Democrats to grovel across the aisle begging for a compromise.  Then again, compromise is not in their DNA.

Cross-posted from The Madison Project


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