The Hubris of Renee Ellmers

In a matter of just a few years at the beginning of the millennium, we succeed in adopting marriage amendments in 30 states.  It looked like we were well on our way to preempting one of the greatest assaults on our values.  But over the past few years, between the liberal courts, the Obama administration, and blue states adopting gay marriage, we have lost a lot of ground.


Next Tuesday, North Carolina voters will get a chance to launch a counterattack by voting for a marriage amendment on the state’s primary ballot.  The language of the amendment also bans civil unions.  Civil unions are one of the biggest tools of the homosexual lobby in their aggressive and officious push to redefine marriage.  That’s why 19 other states have adopted a similar marriage amendment.  It goes without saying that all elected Republicans in North Carolina will enthusiastically campaign for the marriage amendment, right?

Well, everyone except for freshman Renee Ellmers.  Ellmers has been one of the most disappointing freshmen in the entire class.  Not only did she throw in with leadership to support the debt ceiling deal and all the budget capitulations last year, she allowed herself to be used as an on-camera prop to whip other freshmen in line.  Her district has been redrawn in a way that makes it dramatically more conservative, yet Ellmers has not moved rightward.  Quite the contrary, she is publicly announcing that she will vote against the marriage amendment – but only because of the civil union issue, of course.

Now she has the unbridled temerity to air the following TV ad to her conservative constituents:


“Woman of faith;” “shares our conservative values;” “she fights for traditional marriage”

Wow – it would be nice if establishment hacks would run on their record for once, instead of pandering during election time.  But to call herself a fighter for traditional marriage?  Really?

There are a lot of candidates who were handpicked by leadership to run, yet are now running as inviolable conservatives – against the records of their strongest supporters. [see the post below] This one is taking the hubris to a new level altogether.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a viable challenger to Ellmers in district 2, although I’d vote for Micky Mouse over her next Tuesday.  Luckily, we do have other conservatives to vote for; Scott Keadle in NC-8 and Mark Meadows, who has been a real leader on the marriage amendment, in NC-11.


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