An Illustration of What is Wrong With House GOP Conference

The RSC budget was defeated earlier today, but the good news is that it garnered the support of 136 Republicans, 56% of the conference.  Or did it?  Take a look at this summation from The Hill of the roll call vote and ask yourselves what we are supposed to think about the leadership within the conference:


Members rejected the RSC proposal in a 136-285 vote in which 136 Republicans supported it and 104 Republicans opposed it. That’s more support than the RSC budget received last year, when 119 Republicans favored it and 120 opposed it.

The increase was due mostly to the decision by Democrats to vote against it rather than to vote “present,” as they did last year. In 2011, most Democrats voted “present” at the last minute, causing a chaotic scene in which many Republicans were forced to oppose the proposal lest it pass over Ryan’s budget, which was preferred by leadership.House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca.) appeared to thwart the “vote present” strategy this year by holding down the GOP vote totals until after the electronic vote had closed. Once the clock had ticked down, at least ten GOP members voting against the amendment switched to “yes.”


At the very least, it shows that our efforts to educate Republican voters about their members’ voting records is working.  At the very worst, it means that we need to find more innovative ways to expose them as frauds.

P.S. FYI.. Adam Kinzinger voted no, while Manzullo voted yes – and he wasn’t one of the vote switchers.  Just sayin’



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