Take Out Bonner and Bachus in Alabama

Last week, I bemoaned the fact that Alabama is one of the most conservative states, yet it sports a mediocre congressional delegation.  Alabama has one of the earliest congressional primaries; they will overlap with the presidential primary this coming Tuesday.  It turns out that several of the incumbents have primary challengers.


The one sane Republican in the state, Mo Brooks (CD-5) is being challenged by former Congressman and former Democrat Parker Griffith.  Obviously, we must support Brooks over Griffith.

In CD-1, Jo Bonner has several primary challengers.  This 5-term moderate once called the RSC budget cuts “misguided”  and eventually terminated his membership with the RSC.  He scored a 54% from Heritage Action last year.  The only challenger who has spent some money and has gained any traction is businessman Dean Young.  Although he has no record as an elected official, he has successfully fought against tax increases on  a local level and will clearly be more conservative than Bonner.

Then we have Spencer Bachus in the 6th district.  We don’t need an ethically-challenged supporter of big-government as the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee.  This central Alabama district is perhaps the most conservative congressional district in the country.  If we’re going to reelect folks like Bachus from this district, we should just fold up shop.

The only viable candidate against Bachus appears to be state senator Scott Beason.  Beason has amassed one of the most conservative records in the Alabama legislature and is the sponsor of Alabama’s HB 56 anti-illegal immigration law.  His entire career has been marked by challenging the Republican establishment; he beat moderate incumbents for his house and senate seats.  He is not the type of guy to fall in line with leadership.


We learned last week from the defeat of Jean Schmidt that a small amount of effort can go a long way in a low-turnout primary.  It is in these districts that we must elect conservatives if we have any chance of securing a conservative majority to Congress some day.

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