Much Needed Straight Talk from Rep. Walsh: Quit Lying, Mr. President

There has been much ink spilled trying to determine the best political strategy for Republicans in dealing with the debt ceiling.  Throughout the process, many Republicans have ceded ground to Obama by credulously buying into the premise that failure to raise the debt ceiling will spell disaster for the country.


Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL), one of those unvarnished freshmen conservatives, cuts thought the clutter and reminds Obama and fellow Republicans why people like himself were elected to Congress.  While everyone is focused on the fight over tax increases, many Republicans are forgetting that the $2, $3, or even $4 trillion in supposed spending cuts are nothing but unverifiable accounting gimmicks that are based upon some contrived baseline.  Even if they would represent real cuts, the $4 trillion in deficit reduction would only extirpate $400 billion annually from a $1.4-1.6 trillion yearly deficit.

This three-minute video message should serve as a model for all Republicans as they “negotiate” with a proven liar:

This is what real conservative leadership looks like.  Are you watching, Senator McConnell?

Cut, Cap, Balance – or bust!


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