The Obama Doctrine: Funding Terrorists in Israel and Libya, Silence on Syria

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has been duping leftists in Western governments for years into thinking he is Mr. Peace.  During the past decade, successive governments in the U.S. and Europe have been genuflecting to Abbas and his Fatah terrorist organization.  They have showered the Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority with more foreign aid per capita than even any legitimate country.  The implicit purpose was to strengthen the “moderate” Palestinians so they can defeat the “extremist” Hamas, establish a peace-loving state, and live happily ever after.


To that end, Abbas championed the surreptitious game of good-cop bad-cop.  He discreetly promoted terror while allowing Hamas to publicly embody the face of Palestinian terrorism.  Recently, Abbas has become so emboldened by his continued sainthood among Europeans that he has begun to shed his camouflage.

Mahmoud Abbas is now preparing for a unity government with Hamas in an effort to consolidate power over Hamas-controlled Gaza.  The Jerusalem Post reports:

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is willing to give up hundreds of millions of dollars of US aid if that is what is necessary to forge a reconciliation deal with Hamas, the Associated Press quoted his adviser as saying on Monday.

Azzam Ahmed stated that “the Palestinians need American money, but if they use it as a way of pressuring us, we are ready to relinquish that aid.”…..

Over the weekend, Abbas met with a Hamas delegation from the West Bank in Ramallah to discuss ways of ending the dispute between his Fatah faction and the Islamist movement. It was the first such meeting in more than a year.

It followed Abbas’s recent offer to visit the Gaza Strip for talks with Hamas leaders on achieving Palestinian unity. (emphasis added)

The Europeans have already unequivocally pledged their support for a Palestinian state that includes Hamas as part of a governing coalition.  The U.S. foreign policy establishment has bought into Abbas’s dog-and-pony show and has supported a Palestinian state predicated on the exclusion of the bad terrorists- Hamas.  Abbas has now ended the charade and is challenging the U.S. to stand with Europe and support a terrorist-unity government.  If Abbas unilaterally declares an independent state before the 2012 elections, will Obama support it?  If they go to war with Israel, will Obama offer them some ‘kinetic humanitarian aid’?


What better time to cut funding to the PLO terrorists than now?  Much like the NPR executive asserting that they can live without our support; Abbas and the PLO are projecting the same bravado and challenging us to defund them.  We have been sending them $500 million a year for over a decade.  Let’s oblige their request and ensure that not another cent of taxpayer funds is spent aiding terrorists.  We are already funding an Al-Qaeda backed force in Libya; must we fund a Hamas unity government that splits Israel in half?

Then again, anything is possible with Obama’s dyslexic worldview, where friend is enemy and enemy is friend.  Obama would have no qualms about supporting a Hamas state in the heart of Israel.  In fact, he has no bones to pick with Bashar Assad, the terrorist leader of Syria, who has funded and harbored Hamas for years.  The New York Times reported that administration officials fear a destabilized Assad regime would harm the sacrosanct peace process.  In other words, Obama is sitting on the sidelines and backing the second biggest exporter of terror in the world because he is integral to the creation of …. a terror state.  Yet, he is using the military to intervene on behalf of rebels in Libya who helped fight against our soldiers in Iraq, the very same soldiers who are saving their worthless lives in Libya today.


Obama’s foreign policy is so capricious it makes his domestic policy seem statesmanlike.  And that is saying something!

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