VIDEO: Meet California US Senate Candidate Mark Meuser

US Senate candidate Mark Meuser (Credit: Mark Meuser campaign)

Constitutional attorney Mark Meuser is in a race against incumbent Alex Padilla to become the next US Senator from the State of California.  In this interview, we ask Mark about why he is running for office and what he hopes to achieve.



Meuser’s agenda is based on what he calls “The People’s Plan” detailed on his campaign website.  The plan is at He discusses the main elements of the plan in the video include,

  • Prioritizing your Pocketbook
  • Educating our Children
  • Overhauling our infrastructure
  • Protecting our Communities
  • Limiting Government Overreach
  • Ensuring our Supply Chain
  • Sustaining our Resources

Mark hopes to win the election by attracting crossover voters who have been disenfranchised by the political process and want to see change returned to Washington.  He seeks to reach out to libertarian, Hispanic, and orphaned Democrats left behind by the wave of “woke” politics that has engulfed the Democratic Party.


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