The Failure of Media Infiltration by Conservatives

The talk these days is of conservative voices being silenced on social media.  However, that reality is only part of the story as concerns conservative commentary.  Pew Research has shown that 57% of Americans get their news the old fashioned way- from television- while 38% get their news online.  However, the younger one is, the less likely one is to get the news from television.  This is an article not about social media news, but about the legacy media- mainly television news.  And the end result is that the attempts by conservatism to infiltrate the liberal media have been an unmitigated failure.


In virtually every case, graduates of the schools of conservative journalism have had zero impact in the liberal media.  Mainstream media prefers coverage from a Leftist perspective and in almost every case, so-called conservatives have been all-too-willing to oblige to advance careers over alleged principles.  Careerism is a stronger motivator than conservatism!

Case in point: CNN has hired more so-called graduates of conservative media, yet no network remains more politically hackish and Trump-deranged than CNN.  The presence of conservative commentators has no impact on CNN’s coverage of events.  The most notable alumni of the conservative media hired to CNN- Oliver Darcy and Kaitlan Collins- are proof that donors to programs that train conservative media are wasting their money.  Darcy used to cover education from a conservative perspective.  Today, he is a media watchdog who wags his finger at outlets like Fox News and Breitbart.  His biggest achievement is getting Infowars banned from social media.  He also attacked Lou Dobbs because Dobbs criticizes  George Soros too much.

Collins has asserted that no true American would dare call himself a “nationalist” because that is what Hitler was.  Her anti-nationalist outburst was punctuated by a false allegation of “sexual assault” against Clarence Thomas, she was banned from White House briefings for heckling, and her Twitter feed makes her look like she works for Huffington Post. Collins also issued an apology for old tweets that contained gay slurs.  Her liberal media colleagues circled the wagon, defended her, and she never suffered so much as a suspension.


Betsy Woodruff is another alumnus of the conservative training academy who jumped to the other side.  She now occasionally writes for the the Daily Beast, which speaks volumes.  She concluded an article on the conservative Center for Immigration Studies as “xenophobia- that anyone from another country should be feared.”  That outburst got her a stint as a “conservative” commentator on MSNBC.

It is not just television commentators.  The Washington Post counts as their “conservative” commentators the likes of George Will, Jennifer Rubin, and Max Boot.  All of them are critical and deranged anti-Trump personalities who also happen to hate any Trump supporter, or even anyone willing to give Trump the benefit of a doubt.

After the 2016 election, the mainstream media declared they were going to become more ideologically diverse.  That was talk.  They simply hired like-minded Trump critics who claimed to be voices of conservatism.  As proof, look at the case of Kevin Williamson who was hired by The Atlantic.  He was hired based on the fact he was an anti-Trump Republican conservative.  When Leftists complained about his musings on abortion- not even on the pages of The Atlantic- Williamson was fired.


The mainstream media is only interested in so-called conservative voices who toe the line and reinforce their narrative.  Somehow simply having one of these talking heads regurgitate and agree with the Leftist talking points is proof-positive of the evil of conservatives.  All one has to do is look at where these “conservative” voices are allowed some leeway- deregulation and healthcare come to mind.  But, deviate from the Leftist script on immigration, the wonders of diversity, or Donald Trump and they will find themselves on the train out of town.

These turncoats have not made the media more “fair.”  They simply serve to reinforce the biases of these institutions.  Too many so-called conservative commentators are all-too-willing to make a bargain with the devil because they place career above all else.  They care less about advancing conservatism other than veiling themselves in the title and spouting Leftist talking points.

The training ground of Conservatism, Inc. has served as breeding ground and farm league of conservatism’s worst enemies!  If true conservatives wish to change the dynamic, it is not through the mainstream media, but through alternative sites and sources.  Silence is not an option.



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