The Culture Wars #109: Hugs and Illegal Aliens

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This past week saw Arizona welcome Nike after a much-publicized snub, Trump seemed to back-pedal on the citizenship question, and a real dog fight between two Democratic Dobermans.  But, here are seven stories that didn’t necessarily make the big headlines.


CNN Continues to Tank

Second quarter ratings are in and CNN continues their slow descent into obliviousness.  They currently have less than half the viewers Fox News enjoys.  Their most popular show is “Cuomo Prime Time.”  Fox has 14 shows more popular than that crap.  The possible good news for CNN is that they will host a late July Democratic debate(s).  The absolute bad news is that Don Lemon will be the moderator.

Amazon Jumps in On the Censorship Game

Besides not carrying books about homosexual conversion, it appears that the retail giant Amazon is also manipulating “reader” reviews.  Justice on Trial, a book about the Kavanaugh hearings is the #1 Best Seller in the non-fiction category.  However, “reader” reviews at Amazon are decidedly negative and appear to be written by people who have not even read the book.  This would not be the first time Amazon had their hand caught in the cookie jar.  In 2017, they admitted to deleting bad reviews of Hillary Clinton’s tome.  Here, they are not publishing positive reviews of Justice On Trial.

Come Cheap, Leave Expensive

France has come up with a unique idea to fund green energy and infrastructure projects- an “eco-tax” on departing plane tickets from France.  Although it will not apply to flights entering the country, flights to any overseas French holding (like Corsica) or connecting flights passing through France, any other flight leaving France will be subject to the tax, expected to cost anywhere from $2-$20 per ticket.


California Indoctrinates Teachers Also

Although California has its share of problems like heavy regulation, taxes, and a failing public school system, they have decided that a bigger problem is rectified by injecting the LGBT agenda into the curriculum.  Now, AB243 would require every middle and high school teacher to undergo training to assist kids who identify as LGBT.  This will include referring such students to activist organizations as well as promoting sex confusion (a/k/a transgenderism) in schools.

Grandpa’s Hug Is a #MeToo Offense

In England, a grandfather was blowing bubbles with his granddaughter and stopped.  After pleading with gramps to continue, the man said he would if the child gave him a hug.  The mom noticed this obvious odious suggestion and wrote for advice from a columnist, Clementine Ford. Why mom would request advice is unknown.  The advice given was that such actions violate personal spaces and lay the groundwork for sexual assaults. In other words, make sure grandpop gets 12 layers of permission before hugging a grandchild.

Just Change the Name?

A southern rock group, Confederate Railroad, was dis-invited from performing at a fair in Illinois after the state department of agriculture found the name “problematic.”  That is a favorite term of the Thought Police concerning anything they alone dislike.  Mind you, absolutely nothing in their music screams “slavery” or even “racism,” but its the word “Confederate” that apparently offends the bureaucrats.  I suggest you download and store any music by Lynyrd Skynyrd on your hard drive lest the Thought Police throw them down the Memory Hole.  Perhaps, they could just change their name to Underground Railroad, but that would be cultural appropriation.


Another Illegal Alien Demonstration

Protesters are organizing an illegal alien protest involving real illegal ALIENS!  Scheduled for September 20, about 165,000 people have responded on Facebook that they will attend (with another 200,000 expressing interest) to storm Area 51 in search of extraterrestrial aliens.  Because “they can’t stop us all,” a previous attempt at such antics at a classified and heavily guarded section of Edwards Air Force Base resulted in a death, the organizers believe there is strength in numbers.  Best guess?  About 200 people show up and they fail in their quest for extraterrestrial life.


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