Feminism's Crack-Up?

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It stands to reason that at some point after repeatedly banging your head against the wall, the wall will most likely win that battle.  When you bang your head against reality, morality and biology, I put my money on all three over the collective heads of modern feminism.  You cannot live forever in a state of denial about what humans and human sexuality are all about and feminist ideology must necessarily run into the wall of cold, hard reality.


Let’s use the old Soviet Union as an analogy.  It tried to fight against cold hard economic, social, political and religious realities.  There were the true realist stalwarts out there like Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and a few hundred cruise missiles placed throughout Europe that brought an end to a truly hideous socialist experiment.  Internally, it just was not sustainable in the long run either.  Sure, there were guns, tyranny, repression and fear, but it eventually collapsed in a pile of feces.  We see signs of the same happening in the militant alphabet soup that defines feminism today.

Feminists are at the throats of lesbians.  Lesbians are at the throats of trannies.  It is certainly entertaining to watch.  Throw some people of color into the mix and talk of inter sectionalism just muddles the conversation.  A pecking order is created to justify their false realities as they further descend into the rabbit hole of unreality.

Take, for instance, a statement by the Women’s Liberation Front, or WOLF (where the “O” comes from, I know not).  They state:

Your political malpractice, attacks on the rights of women and girls, endangerment of at-risk youth, endorsement of commercial sexual exploitation, attacks on public decency and privacy rights, misrepresentation of medical and biological science, and efforts to secure extraordinary privileges for predatory individuals at the risk of the reputation of every person you claim to speak for…


Such are some strong words, but they continue:

Sex is determined by objective, physical criteria, not mental states. Mammals can’t change sex. Some doctors and scientists may go along with changing social or legal markers out of an attempt to be polite or ease suffering, to save their careers from the online mob, or to attract a new market in patients: but they’re never going to submit a peer-reviewed paper documenting a case in which a human being changes from male to female. Nor will they submit a paper worrying over the pronouns of cows, or classifying any animal research subjects by sex on any basis other than the type of gamete they’d produce if they were healthy and reproductively active. Stop encouraging the idea that sex is a “social construct.” Stop claiming that the fact that sex exists is “white colonialism,” as though colonial-era Europeans were the only people who ever figured out how babies are made, and no one else knew until they showed up. This is nonsense on par with claiming that the Earth is flat and it makes everyone who repeats it sound ridiculous….

Lesbian & gay erasure – Calling heterosexual men who enjoy dressing “as women” lesbians, or calling heterosexual women who’ve undergone extensive body modification gay men, is an erasure of the unique experience of being exclusively same-sex attracted. Stop calling straight people lesbians, or gay. Particularly, stop encouraging heterosexual men to represent themselves as lesbians, or be promoted by your organizations and grantees as if they were lesbians and entitled to speak for women on that basis; this is homophobic and insulting to all women.


This is more intense criticism and all of it true.  It would appear that within some quarters of the modern feminist movement, trans activism has ruffled some feathers.  If we look at the actions of these “sort-of-realist feminists,” we find there is tremendous pushback.  For example, Kara Dansky, a lawyer and activist for WOLF, recently spoke at (gasp!) a Heritage Foundation function.  The logical explanation according to the LGBT community is that WOLF and Dansky are really conservative plants within the feminist movement since Dansky spoke at a conservative foundation’s function.

In London’s annual gay pride parade, many lesbians blocked the march in protests against inclusion of transgender people.  The “L” in LGBTQ+ wants out if the “T” remains in.

Recall also that actress Scarlett Johansson was forced out of the lead role in a movie about an allegedly trans crime fighter in Pittsburgh.  Whether the subject of that movie- Jean Marie Gill- was actually transgender is inconsequential to the transgender community.  The real Gill was a cross-dressing lesbian, but there is no evidence that the real Gill considered herself a man like transgenders do.  Trans actors and activists had a hissy fit that Johansson- who is most definitely female and identifies as such- was playing a role of “one of their own.”

Along the way, veteran feminists have been de-platformed for stating that biological males cannot identify as females.  Trans activists who claim feminists who do to accept their version of gender identification (or fluidity) are the true heretics.  Sometimes the rhetoric spills over into violence as when one trans activist, Tara Wolf, assaulted another feminist.


The problem for the feminist movement today is that they created the monster some now wish to destroy.  They started the ball rolling by deconstructing the notion of femininity.  The trans activists want to take it to the next step.  Watching the sides now battle is a surreal experience.  You will not find angry articles denouncing the transgender movement in conservative outlets.

Instead, some of the most vitriolic articles are coming from within the feminist movement.  The totalitarian instincts of the transgender movement are taking over.  Oddly, it is biological males claiming to be females who are going up against biological females…and playing the victim.  In other words, biological males are bullying biological females by arguing they are being bullied by biological females.  I said it was surreal. If we deconstruct the arguments, we are left with true silliness.  In effect, biological men are telling biological women that they do not know what being a woman is all about.  Such is the state of modern feminism.

Given the fact that the monster created now has also created such uncertainty surrounding the definition of “woman,” this inevitable crack-up was destined to happen.  Do trans women count?  How about those who choose to sell sex?  If you ask too many such questions, you will be escorted out of the conversation.

Let the battle continue.  All a conservative can do is sit back, pop open a beer and watch with amusement.




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