Culture Wars #95: Racist Easter Bunnies and Jesus Guevara

Yet another week and some more silliness from the Left.  So here we go:

Democrats Acting and Talking Crazy Which is to State the Obvious

It all depends on the audience, folks.  Robert Francis O’Rourke recently appeared before Al Sharpton’s National Action Network meeting in New York where he, in response to a Sharpton query, left open his acceptance of slavery reparations.  Wait a second!  Wasn’t it just two weeks ago in Iowa he said he was against slavery reparations?  Then when confronted by a black man in South Carolina said he was again open to the idea in a rambling response?  Dude- get your arms under control before you answer these “gotcha” questions.  Better yet, grow a friggin’ spine!


Obama Loves Him Some Obama

Speaking at a town hall in Germany recently, former president Barack Obama seemed to set a new record by referring to himself a whopping 392 times!  This beats his previous record of 288 times set one week previous.

 Gay Jesus 

The Diocese of Vastara, a division of the Church of Sweden, recently issued a guide book for Christian gay kids.  Among other things, readers may be surprised to learn that Jesus, himself possibly gay, that Joseph may have been a transvestite and that Mary was a feminist revolutionary fighting the prevailing patriarchy of the time.  Happy Easter, everyone!

Jesus Guevara

David Kunzel, a noted historian at UCLA, recently delivered a speech where he favorably compared Che Guevara to Jesus Christ.  Here are some of the more enlightened comments from Kunzel:

Che Guevara, once the epitome of armed struggle, has evolved to an avatar of justice, peace, and love, as Jesus always was but no longer is exclusively…

He also stated that Jesus Christ once led an armed guerrilla struggle against Rome.  Seems you can learn about the true life of Jesus from a UCLA professor than anything taught in Sunday school or on History Channel documentaries.


The Liberation of the Tampon and Maxi-Pad

Georgia lawmakers in the Peach State are contemplating a bill that provide for free feminine hygiene products for low-income women.  Lawmakers have found enough money in the state budget to finally, at last provide free tampons and sanitary pads for people below a certain income level.  Just check off that tampon box on your next state tax return, folks!

No Collusion, No Ratings

Now that the Russian collusion hoax is no more, CNN’s ratings have fallen to new lows.  Things are so bad in prime time that fewer people watch CNN than HGTV, the Food Network and even the hokey Hallmark channel has more viewers.  Now let’s see who CNN puts up in prime time: Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo…

Racist Candy

A British store- Waitrose- has properly prostrated themselves before the altar of political correctness.  In anticipation of the upcoming Easter season, they displayed a dark chocolate bunny which they affectionately labeled the “Ugly Duckling,” a reference to the Hans Christian Anderson tale of the same name.  A single SJW was offended since the white chocolate bunny was named “Fluffy” and the milk chocolate one named “Crispy.”  The store immediately removed the offensive bunny and apologized to the POC community.  No word on its new name…



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