It's Official: The APA Has Found the Root of All Evil

Promoted from the diaries by streiff. Promotion does not imply endorsement.

It seems that just about everyone is angry these days.  Given the number of marches and protests in Washington DC, the list of the angry has grown exponentially.  Women are so angry that they now organize a yearly march and even count as one of their leaders a terrorist-loving anti-Semitic Muslim woman, a religion steeped in misogyny and discrimination.  Gays are not happy even though they got same sex marriage; now they want their cake also.  College students are angry because they are finding out their Gender Studies degree and associated debt guarantees them a job at the local Gap.  Scientists got angry and marched on Washington because Trump refuses to sabotage an economy.  And Portland, Oregon is just angry about everything!!  It would appear at times that Trump has succeeded in uniting the country in anger.

Daily outrage in the media is now commonplace.  They are thoroughly convinced that Trump is a Russian agent and that Vladimir Putin, a man who rules over a country with a GDP smaller than that of California, is a bloodsucking vampire.  Ironically, they are unknowingly doing the bidding of Putin with this line of thought.  The proffered reason is that Trump stood to financially benefit from dealings with Russia and thus became a dupe of Russia.  If that is true- and there is certainly no evidence of that- at least the motive would be more understandable than the gullibility and stupidity of the media.

Over at the New York Times and the Washington Post, things are so bad that some reporters have either sought out or suggested mental health practitioners to deal with Trump and Trumpism, such is their derangement.  Some have suggested that the best way to perform a colonoscopy on a liberal member of the media (which is basically most of them) is to do a brain scan.

However, the American Psychological Association (APA), an organization with a $115 million annual budget and 117,500 shrinks, has found the source of all the problems in America- toxic masculinity.  It appears that this idea of toxic masculinity is the new Nazi in the room and it even has a Fuhrer- Donald Trump.  Their profound discovery basically says that being a male is very bad thing indeed.  Attributes that were once considered virtues are, according to the shrinks, actually bad things and civilization has had it all wrong all these many years.  I am talking about loathsome attributes like courage, personal ambition and grace under pressure.  According to the APA, things like self-reliance and competitiveness must be rooted out and heaped on a pile of burning castrated testicles.

These learned men, the majority of whom happen to be liberal (surprise!), want other men to become more womanlike.  You know they are socialists because they want to ban things.  Socialists want us to ban plastic straws, fossil fuels, potato chips, soda, smoking, hunting, guns and ammunition.  The psychological socialist wants to ban fun things like kissing a girl, flirting, or even complimenting a woman on her looks.  Banning things seems to be the antithesis in a country calling itself the “land of the free.”

The #MeToo phenomena has Hollywood running scared and for good reason.  It hurts when a movement born of a socialist mindset starts to metastasize and eat its own.  It was just fine and dandy when it was taking down Alabama politicians and Supreme Court nominees, but shocking that sexual predators roamed the halls of NBC and Hollywood.  Some of it, however, is now so over-the-top that it is metastasizing into a joke.  Now an unwanted or wayward glance at a leg is grounds to accuse someone of a sexual assault.  America is turning into a scary Orwellian state thanks to Hollywood, the media and third wave feminists.

Perhaps the most disgraceful examples are the virtue signaling corporate advertisements.  The Gillette commercial is the most obvious example.  Some have suggested that Gillette has found a new use for their razors- self castration.  Many of the ads on this year’s Super Bowl signaled their #MeToo virtue also which is a shame.  This year was truly a borefest (although my Patriots won!) and many of us probably propped our eyes open with toothpicks to see the half time show (a bigger disappointment than the game itself, if such was possible), or the commercials.  Instead, we were treated to female football players, female vampire slayers and even a mermaid had her moment of empowerment.  That is not counting the other social justice ads featuring beer brought to you by the power of wind or those extolling the self-importance of journalists.

So let’s get serious for a moment.  Advertisements about the evilness of men is just the latest opportunist effort to sell razors.   According to the APA, it is white privilege and that pesky WASP culture and its horrible offshoot- toxic masculinity- that has inflicted these ills upon the country.  And the poster boy is Donald Trump.  To the APA, the only response can be those immortal words of Jesus himself in Luke 4:23- “Physician, heal thyself.”