Donkey Disarray in the Democrat's Barn

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Redstate’s own Mike Ford recently penned an article about the Democratic Party’s circus in Virginia.  Not to pile on (actually I will), now comes word that the Democratic Party in New York appears perturbed about the anointed “future of the party.”  I refer, of course, to everyone’s favorite horse mouth, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or AOC.  Now come rumors that at least one New York Democrat is encouraging his compatriots to find a primary opponent.  Another idea recently floated is to change her district boundaries after the 2020 Census to make sure she does not get reelected after the new boundaries are drawn.   This can be done by putting her on an incumbent vs. incumbent showdown in a newly drawn district.


So what has drawn the ire of her fellow Democrats?  Evidently, Ms. Ed has rankled the Pelosi wing of the Democrats.  She has shown a propensity for going after fellow Democratic incumbents throughout the country.  Others have suggested that she has become a distraction.  However, this writer has a different theory.

The problem for Pelosi and her allies is that AOC is going full socialism at full throttle.  Although also socialists without the title, Pelosi and company are slow motion socialists.  AOC is not.  The laughable roll out of her Green New Deal is a perfect example.  When it comes to a blueprint for legislation or policy, it may be one of the funniest jokes ever foisted on the American public.. ever.

How would Nancy Pelosi have handled it?  Most likely, she would have passed it first, then read what was in it after it passed.  One also supposes that we can keep our cow farts if we like them.

Regardless, I have it on good authority that cows burp more than they fart.  Obviously, Mrs. Ed is showing her cow digestive process ignorance here.  Perhaps she can rework the wording of her plan while riding on that bullet train to Hawaii.  Speaking of which, every moronic Democrat of consequence running for president has signed onto this plan.

This battle between the quiet socialists (the Pelosi wing) and the horse mouth socialists (the AOC wing) will be interesting to watch.  The Pelosi wing does not like for their agenda to be exposed and AOC is doing just that.  Trump brings out the worst in Democrats (see: Maxine Waters and others) and exposes their pure hatred.  There is no putting the genie back in that bottle now.  Obama gave them hope, but Trump stole their hope and that is the source of their hatred these days.


Of course, it does not help that Ocrazio goes around the country spouting an updated version of the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital.  Apparently, she did not get the memo to discard that Marx T-shirt.  The fact is that despite what writers like E.J. Dionne think, these ideas are repulsive to a large segment of the population and Nancy Pelosi knows this fact.  That is why she keeps her socialism on the down low.  And what riles Pelosi and her ilk is that AOC put all their plans in writing and released it to the public including a living wage for those “unable or unwilling to work,” references to cow farts, and eliminating air travel.  AOC let the cat out of the bag way too early and exposing them for what they are.

Personally, I have money on Pelosi over AOC although either way conservatives stand to win if played correctly.  If Pelosi prevails in this battle, AOC- given her immaturity- will likely take her fellow open socialists and join some new party.  Of course, if Pelosi prevails, AOC will have to spend some time getting the knives out of her back before re-emerging.  If AOC prevails, her radicalism can relegate the Democratic Party to the barren political wastelands.  .

Republicans need this cat fight to continue.  In fact, we should be encouraging and provoking it at every opportunity.  Ralph Northam and Justin Fairfax are doing their part in Virginia.  When you have unhinged fruitcakes like Maxine Waters, Al Green, Ilhan Omar and others making negative news for the Democratic Party, conservatives should be happy and not become complacent.  When you have the enemy down, you keep them down and give them a kick for good measure.


Make Ms. Ed look like the goofball she is- an embarrassment to the Bronx, Westchester county where she grew up, Latinos and Boston University.  I mean, are we sure she even has a high school diploma?  The next time she sits down with a journalist they need to ask her one simple question: “Do you know how to change a tire?”  I doubt she does, but she wants to change a country.  That is the definition of self-importance for you.

No, we need Allie from the Bronx and her Muslim anti-Semitic “squad” in Congress at least through 2020.  We need them to say all sorts of crazy socialist stuff.  We need more Green New Deal-like policy statements from her and her ilk.

In the meantime, it has come to this writer’s attention that Netflix is putting out $10 million for Sandy the Bartender’s biography.  Incidentally, at age 30 that would put her in that exclusive 1% club fifty times over.

Isn’t capitalism great?



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