Put the Screws To Them!!!

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It is a rare alignment of stars.   I, of course, refer to the four controversies currently afflicting the Democratic Party.  Surprisingly (or not), Virginia seems to be ground zero for three-fourths of their current problems.  First, it would appear that the Democrats have an anti-Semitism problem.

Besides the terrorist-loving Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and the terrorist-supporting Ilhan Omar (D-MN) being two of the new fresh faces in the “diverse” new Congress, others within the party are latching themselves to either known anti-Semites or anti-Semitic movements.  These radical intersectionalists perceive Palestinians who like to lob bombs and rockets at Israelis as oppressed freedom fighters.  To these and others, among them Bernie Sanders, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Patty Murray, the problem is simple and it exemplifies their new religion- intersectionalism: Jews are too powerful and Jews are too white.

Of course, they publicly denounce it and nuance it away.  For example, they will say “it is not anti-Semitism; it’s anti-Zionism,” or “we don’t have to agree with everything somebody once said.”  The problem with the latter is that these dolts hang around and idolize known anti-Semites like Louis Farrakhan and Linda Sarsour who continue to spout anti-Semitic sentiments.  Recently, Omar appeared on The View and when asked about this, explained away the questions.  When reporters asked her recently on Capitol Hill about her support for BDS efforts, she conveniently jumped in an elevator and refused to answer.  Nancy Pelosi has rewarded Omar with a seat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the very committee responsible for aid to Israel.

It was “nice” that the DNC recently pulled their support and presence at the annual bitchfest known as the Women’s March because of Sarsour’s leadership.  But, that is simply window dressing and symbolic.  As the Democratic Party lurches further and further to the Left, the ugliness of their party becomes more pronounced.  As they gain more power, like taking back the House, it comes- or should come- under greater scrutiny.  It takes no guts to denounce ant-Semitism.  Their actions and those of their anointed new breed are more important.

Anti-Semitism is not their only problem.  The recent events in Virginia involving Ralph Northam also are indicative of the party’s racism problem.  If Ralph Northam, their embattled Democratic governor, had been a Republican the full force of the Democratic Party would be brought to bear and he would be an ex-governor by now.  For many years, Republicans and conservatives have been shouting to a non-existent audience that the Democratic Party is the one that is truly racist.

Every ill that had befallen any minority community over the past several decades has been placed at the doorstep of Republicans.  In fact, it is the Democrats who owned slaves, who supported that institution, who enacted and enforced the Jim Crow laws, whose militant arm was the KKK and who takes the vote of blacks for granted now.  They are the party that wants to segregate blacks in government housing and who want to keep minority children shackled to failing schools.  All these facts are useless without a face of racism.  That face showed up in a medical school yearbook of the white, Democratic governor of Virginia.

Whether he was the one in blackface or the one wearing the KKK costume, and despite his denials he was neither, makes no difference.  Republicans are obviously more sensitive when it comes to race not because Republicans are racist but because the Left has painted that narrative over the decades.  So, it is nice to see a Democrat coming under fire amid allegations of racism.  Many a Republican has been subjected to scorn and ridicule for even lesser transgressions.

It does not stop there.  Apparently, the man being groomed as the next Obama- Lt. Governor Fairfax- and the one who would succeed Northam should he be shown the door is swept up in a real legitimate #MeToo brouhaha.  It appears that the Washington Post sat on a story that he forced Vanessa Tyson to perform oral sex on him.  Unlike Christine Blasey Ford and her accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, Tyson provided a location, a date, and details of the attack.  We were witness to perhaps the greatest disgusting spectacle by Democrats in the Kavanaugh hearings where the nominee was literally forced to confess that in his high school yearbook, there were code words for farts.  Fairfax admits that there was sex, but that it was consensual.  Tyson denies this.  #MeToo for thee, but not for me.

All this drama in Virginia is set against a backdrop of the bill recently introduced (and since tabled) which would allow for an abortion to be performed up until the time of birth.  Of the three ugliest, most grotesque transgressions by the Democratic Party- anti-Semitism, racism and sexual assault- this the one lost in the current noise and is even more ugly and grotesque than those other three, bad as they are.  Between New York and this attempt in Virginia and elsewhere, the Democrats are showing their true colors.  They are emboldened by their recent gains despite the fact that virtually every poll ever taken shows concrete disapproval of late term abortions.

To this writer, this is the worst transgression of all.  Thus, the question becomes do we let people like Fairfax and Northam off the hook?  Do we allow them to weather the storm?  Do we hold Omar and Tlaib’s feet to the fire, or do we let them walk away unscathed or slightly wounded?  This writer says we use the weapons at our disposal to stigmatize and embarrass as many racist, anti-Semitic, sexual assaulters, and baby killers in the Democratic Party as possible.  Every single conservative outlet should be doing opposition research on the Left.  It should not take an upstart online publication like Big League Politics (good site, by the way) to do what the campaign of Ed Gillespie should have done.  Every single Democrat whose hat is in the ring for 2020 should be put under the microscope.  The goal and strategy is to attack, attack and attack some more and expose the dark side, the stupidity and the hypocrisy of the American Left and their political arm- the Democratic Party.

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