The Culture Wars, #85: Bad Jokes and Weird Trends

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Welcome to another edition of the wild and silly world of social justice and the culture wars where the Left’s craziness is on full display.


RBG and That Gay Marriage

In 2014, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg made headlines for officiating at a gay wedding between David Daniels and Scott Walters.  This was before the Obergfell ruling.  It has since come to light that Daniels and Walters were, according to Houston police reports and a signed complaint, engaged in the rape of one Samuel Schultz in Houston.  They apparently drugged him and then raped him in his unconscious state which he reported to the police at the time.  The happy couple is being extradited to Texas to face the charges.  Daniels is particularly creepy having been caught seeking homosexual trysts on Grindr while also facing complaints from students at the University of Michigan where he is a tenured professor.  The University is looking into the situation.

Speaking of That University…

It was recently revealed that the University of Michigan is spending $10.6 million on 82 “diversity officers.”  And that is $10.6 million every year!  That does not count the additional diversity scholarships and the $10 million multicultural center being built.  The man in charge of this politically correct  Gestapo takes in over $400,000 a year alone.  Incidentally, according to an analysis by the very same University of Michigan, that $10.6 million would be enough to pay full tuition at the university for 700 Michigan residents


More Blackface and It’s Not About Ralph Northam

While the media concentrated on the medical school yearbook of current Virginia governor and baby hater, Ralph Northam, a continent away a young black restaurant-goer named Rashaad Thomas was triggered by a picture on the wall of people they described as “blackface.”  When Thomas asked others, including a white and Latina patron, what they thought, they correctly said it was a picture of coal miners after work enjoying a beer at a pub.  Undeterred, Thomas went to the manager and noted their disapproval of the picture and to register the fact it was “offensive.”  Sadly, the manager is looking into the matter and will decide whether to remove the picture.

This Is a Weird One

The Guardian, a British news agency, has discovered that immigrants from sub-Sahara Africa are engaging in a practice known as “ironing.”  In this practice, young girls upon reaching puberty have hot stones placed on their chest in order to delay breast development.  They report that at least 1,000 girls have been subjected to the abuse.  The reason proffered is that it discourages unwanted looks from boys and sexual harassment…or even rape.  As we all know from Gillette commercials, young men roam the streets looking for young girls from sub-Sahara Africa all the time.  There is one burning question: what if it is all for naught and these young girls identify as being a boy?


This Is an Even Weirder One

There is a new trend sweeping the Internet celebrating a young girl’s entry into womanhood: “period parties.”  A comedian on late night television even revealed that his daughter had organized her own period party in 2017.  Of course, such parties involve red velvet cake and should come complete with pizza, tampons and some sanitary pads as gifts.  The comedian’s daughter appeared happily on social media next to her cake emblazoned in red with the words “Congrats on your period.”

Socialist Dreams #946, 947, and 948

New York City became the latest one to establish a $15 minimum wage.  Hold on…not enough claims an editorial in the New York Times.  The article contends that because there are unintended consequences, like employers hiring less people while rewarding existing, productive employees with the $15 wage coupled with the high cost of living in New York, a truly realistically livable wage in NYC is $33 an hour. This comes on the heels of Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris, who slept her way to the top, discovering that healthcare is an inalienable right overlooked in the 18th century.  Not to be outdone, however, the terrorist-loving Rashida Tlaib is pushing “affordable housing” as yet another inalienable right.  Taken together, these three proposals reveal one truism about the Left: enough is never really enough.


And Finally, Proving He Still Isn’t Funny…

Pete Davidson is a performer on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, a show that was once actually funny.  He, you will remember, poked fun at Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) because he wore an eye patch having lost that eye to an IED in Afghanistan while Davidson was in NYC getting his latest Hillary tattoo (seriously, he has one).  In a recent appearance at a Brooklyn comedy club, Davidson relayed his experience of babysitting for a friend.  He quipped that the baby was sucking his finger, but “in a good way.”  Lest anyone not get the “joke,” he further mused: “I don’t want to f*** this baby but he’s asking for it.”  That, dear readers, is what counts as cutting edge humor these days. Since politics is downstream of culture, no wonder Democrats are happy right now.


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