The Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse: Ilhan Omar- Maybe Not a Bigamist, But....

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To understand Ilhan Omar, the successor to Keith Ellison in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District- requires some background and starts out as a classic example of the American Dream being realized.  Born in Somalia, her family moved to a refugee camp in Kenya in 1991 and she is one of seven siblings (keep that in mind going forward).  After four years in Kenya, they migrated to America, but some siblings apparently ended up in Great Britain.  She went to college and became employed as a childhood nutrition expert in St. Paul.  In what was then described as a “surprise,” she won a seat in the Minnesota legislature in district 60B.   It should have been no “surprise” given a part of that district is also known as “Little Mogadishu.”

In 2002, depending on who one consults, she “married” Ahmed Hirsi with whom she has had three kids.  This is problematic since in 2009 she also married another man named Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.  However, there was no divorce from Hirsi and she has since hooked back up with him.  This was explained that she married Hirsi in an Islamic ceremony in 2002.  A marriage license with the state had been sought, but never executed for some reason.  Most researchers have discovered that, in fact, there was an application for a marriage license, but cannot determine if it was ever executed.  Without that proof, technically she is not guilty of bigamy.

Now the story gets strange because it is alleged that Elmi is her brother.  And unlike Hirsi, there is a marriage license on record between Omar and Elmi.  In fact, there are also divorce records readily accessible to researchers.  The problem for Omar is that, like most politicians, she touts her background and family and seems to ignore Elmi and stress Hirsi when it comes to husbands.

In response to the allegations, which she denies, Omar has responded in classic fashion calling the allegations  “… “Trump-style misogyny, racism, anti-immigration rhetoric and Islamophobic division…”   Omar married Elmi in 2009 although they split up in 2011 when he returned to Great Britain.  Omar claims to have had no contact with Elmi since.  However, Instagram pictures of the two together in England well beyond 2011 have surfaced.  One researcher has discovered that she has two siblings living in England- Ahmed Nur Said Elmi and Mohamed Nur Said Elmi.  Both social media accounts state that Omar is their sister.  

The plot thickens even further.  There is no doubt that Omar had two children with Hirsi between 2002 and 2009.  However, she had a third while married to Elmi  although she claims it is Hirsi’s, not Elmi’s.  In her divorce papers, it is noted that Elmi has not signed a declaration of non-paternity as of the filing of the papers.  Omar was seeking a default divorce stating that she had not seen Elmi since June, 2011 which would seem to run counter to the numerous social media pictures of her with an Ahmed Nur Said Elmi on several occasions after June 2011.

We know from school records that an Ahmed N. Elmi was enrolled in the St. Paul public schools in 2003 and received a diploma.  His birth date is listed as April 4, 1985.  On the divorce papers in 2017, the Elmi she is divorcing has a birth date of April 4, 1985.  Further, the Elmi she associated with in England posted social media pictures of himself in the hospital and on the ID bracelet one can clearly see his birth date: April 4, 1985.  Researchers checked databases and have not discovered anyone else with that name or any similar name having a birth date of April 4, 1985.  This does not prove she married her brother except for one important fact.

It was ascertained that Elmi lived with his father while attending high school in Minnesota.  His father is one Nur Said Elmi Mohamed.  This is the same man Omar herself has consistently and publicly referred to as her father.

It becomes obvious at this point that Omar is potentially guilty of perjury since the divorce papers state she had no contact with Elmi since June, 2011 and she has obviously has contact with a person by the name of her husband with the same birth date well after 2011.  The obvious question is why she would marry her brother?  It has been alleged that the marriage to Elmi was either a fraudulent attempt to gain US citizenship for Elmi (it is easier for the spouse of a US citizen to gain citizenship than a sibling), or perhaps it was student loan fraud.  Regardless, questions remain.

Although not a bigamist and possibly a fraudster and perjurer, she has recently come under scrutiny for her attempt to gain leniency in sentencing for nine Somalis found guilty of attempting to join ISIS.  While in the Minnesota legislature, Omar supported attempts to force the University of Minnesota to divest its Israeli bonds.  When the legislature proposed a law to protect those investments, she voted against it.  Again, she trotted out well-worn lines as justification: “I know a little bit about discrimination. I face it every single day. I carry multiple identities that are constantly, constantly being discriminated against.”

Her multiple identities are, presumably, being Muslim and female.  In fact, she identifies as being an intersectional feminist.  Make that another first (and oxymoron) for the new diverse Congress: the first feminist Muslim.  Omar has frequently likened Israel to an apartheid state like South Africa.  While a state legislator she was one of two (out of 129) people to vote against a law authorizing life insurance companies to deny benefits to those killed while performing an act of terrorism.  She also voted against a law making it a felony in Minnesota to allow children to undergo female genital mutilation.

While running for Congress, she told a group of Jewish leaders (in a synagogue) that she thought the BDS movement against Israel was counterproductive (see her actions as regards the U. of Minnesota above).  That was in August, 2018, yet after her election in a publication of Muslim Girl, she stated her support for the BDS movement.  When asked by Jewish leaders about the discrepancy, she opted for the latter view.  In fact, Omar is on the advisory board of the local CAIR chapter and a member of Oxfam, a leader in the BDS movement.

Fraud, perjury and hypocrisy are also apparently (not to mention stupidity) part of that diversity narrative in the new Congress.