No Child Is Safe in the Culture Wars

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When it comes to the culture wars, the Left has taken off the gloves and rewritten the rules of engagement.  In some respects, their actions make sense: there are still just too many “bitter clingers” out there who are, at the end of the day, simply “deplorable.”  It should then come as no surprise that even children and families of those involved in these “difference of opinions” wars are now the targets of Leftist vitriol.

We can juxtapose media coverage of attacks on conservative or Republican leaders in restaurants, book stores and even at their homes against coverage of the recent Covington Catholic High School controversy.  An attack on Rand Paul that left him with broken ribs garnered nowhere near the attention a smiling high school student received.  Many of those in the Resistance were quick to rush in even after facts and over 1-3/4 hours of video surfaced that contradicted the lies perpetrated by Chief Bad Teeth, Nathan Philips.  As a result, an entire student body has been slurred and portrayed as a breeding ground of neo-Nazism complete with doctored black face pictures and alleged Nazi hand salutes.  The lives of students have been threatened.

When you have crazy moonbats like Maxine Waters basically encouraging people to punch others in the face and harass them wherever they may be, including filling a gas tank at a gas station, this is to be expected.  But, sadly, this is not a strictly American phenomena.  In Great Britain, 51 men were recently arrested and interrogated in connection of allegations of gang rapes occurring in West Yorkshire.  You will not find too many stories on this in the British media beyond a 200-word buried article in The Mirror.  The reason is simple: those arrested were Muslim.  The British press is particularly susceptible to this journalistic technique.  Stories of this nature are scrubbed of references to anything “Muslim” or noting the country of origin of the perpetrators.  If they do mention anything, then it is depicted as “Asians.”  Months pass and one eventually learns in passing that the convicted had names, usually with the word “Muhammed” in it.  But by then, the story has died a slow death.

Now compare this with the British press coverage of one Bailey McLaren who happened to get into a schoolyard scuffle with another student named Jamal.  McLaren is a British student while Jamal is a Syrian refugee living in Britain.  As most kids do on the schoolyard playground, no one intervened and the other students dutifully removed cell phones and filmed the incident and posted the “fight” (no one got injured) on social media.  Only two words are heard from the mouth of McLaren in the scuffle: “You bastard.”  It was later revealed that Jamal had apparently threatened Bailey in class prior to the scuffle.

After the video went viral, the story took on a life of its own.  While Bailey held down Jamal on the ground, he poured water on his face from a bottle.  This was depicted by the British press as Bailey “waterboarding” Jamal.  Because Jamal was Muslim, there were the ubiquitous charges of “racism.”  The very media outlets that avoided the mentioning of the Muslims arrested in connection with the gang rapes in West Yorkshire were quick to cover this story calling it “distressing,” “sickening,” and “shocking to the country.”

As a consequence, the local police charged Bailey with an assortment of crimes.  A schoolyard scuffle resulting in no injuries and akin to scuffles that occur daily throughout the world was elevated to “hate crime” status by the press.  Members of Parliament waded into the controversy to condemn Bailey.  Jamal himself has been the recipient of an outpouring of support being invited to various soccer matches in the United Kingdom.  A GoFundMe page raised over 100,000 British pounds for Jamal.  One donor said: “Poor boy!  He escapes war and tyranny only to be bullied by a thug in the UK.”

The British media, like the media here in the US and their delving into that bastion of neo-Nazism in Kentucky- Covington Catholic High- did their research into Bailey and discovered he was a “Britain First supporter” who reposted on Facebook messages by Tommie Robinson.  In Britain, being a Britain First supporter is akin to wearing a red MAGA hat and posting Tommie Robinson messages is akin to be a Trump supporter.  Like here, that is a double whammy among the mainstream media in both countries.

While Jamal has received an outpouring of support- financial and otherwise- from the police and social service agencies in Britain, Bailey and his family were forced out of their home under cover of darkness when a police-described “gang of vigilantes” threatened the family.  Meanwhile, stories of the victimized Jamal surfaced that he had bullied several members of the student body at school and had assaulted a female student at the school resulting in medical injuries.  Like Nathan Philips, Jamal was not really the innocent victim he was made to be.  Of course, to the press that made little difference- the victim label had been hung around around their necks and no amount of lies or persuasive evidence to the contrary was going to change objectivity.

And what of Bailey’s family?  His twin sisters (age 11) have not attended school in several months over serious threats of being raped.  Bailey himself attempted suicide late last year.  Authorities were slow to provide the family with any support in the aftermath of the threats and suicide attempt prompting some in Britain to swoop in and help where authorities failed or dragged their feet.  In fact, one soccer team in an epic feat of virtue signaling- Huddersfield FC- invited Jamal to games free of charge (all expenses paid) and sent a letter to Bailey McLaren banning him from attendance for life.

Like the haters and virtue signalers here in the United States, what is the sacrifice of a child if it is for the good of the advancement of some pre-Colombian culture?  After all, it was Western culture that stole land from Native Americans and it is Western culture that subjugated the Middle East.  What harm is there in a little pay-back against those smug Westerners with their red hats at a rally in DC or armed with a water bottle on the playground at a school in Britain, even if it is a kid?

The disparate coverage by the media before all the facts are known is a disgusting and perverse example of media bias and general public (especially politicians) virtue signaling.  This is what the Right is up against.  A Republican Congressman yelling “You lie” is reprimanded by Congress, but a Democratic Congresswoman referring to the President as a “mother***er” is defended and justified on CNN and other media outlets.

It is bad enough when the Left does it, but when those allegedly on the Right start to view a red hat with four words on it the equivalent of hate speech or inciting violence and propose that no one wear political messages to pro-life rallies, then we have a problem on the Right.  When their (the Left’s) thought processes begin to be mirrored by those on the Right, conservatism will always be on the defensive.

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