Christian Blood on Obama's Hands

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To understand the accusation which is the title of this article, one must have some background.  Nigeria is an African nation which is (was?) greater than 50% Christian.  In February 2010, then Nigerian president- Yar’Adua- had gone to Saudi Arabia to seek medical treatment.  The vice president, Goodluck Jonathan, became acting president and then president when Yar’Adua died three months later.  Yar’Adua was Muslim; Jonathan Christian.   In 2011, Jonathan won the presidency outright by defeating Muhammadu Buhari, a Muslim, with 59% of the vote.  While in office, Jonathan sought to implement many of the programs his Muslim predecessor had set into motion.  Then, in 2015 Jonathan decided to run for a second term, this time again against Buhari.

When the government announced that Jonathan won the initial count of ballots in 2011, riots broke out in the Muslim-majority northern states of Nigeria.  Radical groups in the north, mainly Boko Haram, had tolerated the ascendancy of Jonathan, but considered him a caretaker president until a Muslim president was to be elected in 2011.  They rioted and protested and terrorized despite the fact that virtually every observer in Nigeria reported that the 2011 election was one of the fairest and least corrupt of Nigerian elections on record.

It is ironic that today there are still many who are appalled at the fact that Russia likely tried to interfere in the 2016 Presidential election here in the United States.  Yet, in March 2015, in the lead up to the Nigerian elections, President Obama took the extraordinary step of releasing a video directly to the Nigerian people urging them to “take the next chapter” when they voted.  This meant likely only one thing: move on from Jonathan and elect Buhari.  And despite a close vote that could have been contested, Jonathan conceded defeat to his Muslim rival, the aforementioned Buhari.

Perhaps it is not surprising that the Obama administration and Obama himself would weigh in on and actually attempt to sway a foreign election.  For example, Obama went all-in for the Muslim Brotherhood’s takeover of Egypt.  His State Department spent over $350,000 with contributions to an organization in Israel whose sole purpose was to oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Hence, it is not surprising that Obama would attempt to right the apparent wrong of having a Christian elected president in a country that is greater than 50% Christian.

This mindset was in effect even before the 2015 Nigerian elections.  His administration from the start insisted that the violence in Nigeria had nothing to do with Islamic terrorism.  Instead, it was poverty.  Even though Boko Haram had once urged President Jonathan to forsake Christianity and convert to Islam as a means to cease the violence they were perpetrating, it was poverty.  When Boko Haram bombed a Christian church in Nigeria in 2012 killing 39 parishioners, the assistant secretary for African affairs, Johnnie Carson, was quoted as saying: “I want to take this opportunity to stress one key point and that is that religion is not driving extremist violence” in Nigeria.  Either they were stupid, ignorant, or just plain naive.  The administration also allocated $600 million to ascertain the “true causes” of violent unrest in Nigeria.

When Islamic terrorists killed Christians by the thousands, the Obama administration issued generic regrets.  When the entire student body of a Christian girl’s school was kidnapped by Boko Haram, we were treated to a Tweet of a somber-faced Michelle Obama holding a sign with a hash tag.  Yet, when the military under President Jonathan killed 30 known Boko Haram terrorists, then-secretary of state John Kerry issued a strongly worded rebuke to President Jonathan about alleged “human rights violations.”  In 2014, an American institution invited the governors of the northern states of Nigeria to the United States for a peace conference.  The State Department under Kerry blocked the visa of the only Christian governor and only after he brought to light the atrocities committed against Christians in the name of Allah.

So, Obama got his preferred man elected in Nigeria- the Muslim Buhari.  And how has that paid off?  Under President Jonathan, it is estimated that about 5,000 Christians were killed and another 100,000 displaced by the violence.  Since Buhari has been president, that number has risen to an estimated three times as many Christians killed and displaced.  Muslim Fulani herdsmen are also major culprits in the genocide.  In just six months, Fulani herdsmen managed to kill six times the number of Christians compared to four years of Jonathan’s presidency.

Buhari himself is of a Fulani jihadist tribe.  He has turned a blind eye to the atrocities against Christians at the hands of the Fulani and Boko Haram.  Instead of prosecuting them, he provides protection for these murderous thugs.  Meanwhile, Buhari is doing his best Barack Obama imitation and blaming the violence on “poverty, injustice and the lack of job opportunities.”   In one Fulani attack, they were aided by the Nigerian air force which bombed a Lutheran church.

As a result of the violence and deaths of Christians, a once vibrant and peaceful community has been decimated.  Some human rights organizations and several Christian organizations now claim that the Christian population of Nigeria has dipped below the 50% level.  The ultimate goal is the imposition of sharia law in Nigeria and to Buhari and company that means that those pesky Christians must be eliminated one way or another.

This entire debacle and tragedy is yet another example of Obama’s feel-good-towards-Islam foreign policy gone astray.  His actions in the presidential election was the icing on the cake that ushered in a period of unprecedented state-condoned genocide against a religion.  Is it naiveté or design on the part of Obama and his administration that brought this about?  Regardless of the answer, directly or indirectly Barack Obama has the blood of these people on his hands whose only sin in life was not being Muslim.


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